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Socky socks

June 5, 2007

First things first: finished work.

IMG_1891 IMG_1894
That makes up for the socky sock pair #10 for the year. And yes, I had to make sure the stripes are matchy matchy, as usual. That’s probably why I tried to avoid using self striping yarn nowadays. It drives me nuts to match the stripes up, but if I don’t, unevenness drives me to the point of insanity. Not exactly a win-win type of situation.And as for something unusual: work in progress. I’ve just started on another pair from Favorite Socks – Waving Lace by Evelyn A. Clark. So far I’m enjoying the pattern. I love the subtle diagonals created by YO’s and k2t/ssk. Not to mention the stretchiness – a bit of comfort since I’m knitting for a friend of mine.
IMG_1898 IMG_1903
It looks super pink on the second picture, but it’s really super purple. I’m not sure how I feel about the color. I think I like it, but still undecided. Perhaps it’s because I’m not a generally a fan of purple.

And as for other random thought, things I’ve been obsessing over: playing FreeCell, eating goldfish colors and ice cream bars – especially almond and chocolate covered ones from Haagen Dazs. And also the fact that Bingo song has same melody as for the Old McDonald Had a Farm song. Chris and I have been sining the song, with both songs combined. “..old McDonald had a farm and Bingo was his name-o….” Because it’s funny? perhaps. But because at a point, we kinda forgot how the Bingo song started (we eventually had to google it).

What can I say, apparently, we’re not that bright.