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Socks and hair, not to be confused with sex and beer

August 28, 2007

Honestly, I haven’t been knitting much lately. Over the weekend, I did start on another pair of Embossed Leaves, and I’m wee over half way through. The goal is to finish it within next couple of days or so, and hopefully have enough time and sanity before we leave town for the weekend, come up with something to knit for the road.


For my next pair, I’m thinking a pair of Pomatomus. It’s not the speediest knit with all the insane ktbl1 p1 rib, but it’s easy and interesting enough to keep me sane and I can knit without having to stare at the pattern – which will come in handy in long car ride (or so I hope). Where we’re heading? To Rockford. Nowhere exotic. But it will be nice to get out of town for once.

Speaking of Pomatomi, that’s what I knit for Amanda for our Knittyboard Sock Swap.


Now for the totally unrelated and not so interesting side note – I got a haircut today. Once again, I was being a super procrastinator that I am, and took over a year and half to get my hair cut since the last time. And once again, I had to be bombarded with questions and comments (from people at the salon, both the stylists and everyone else) like “Oh my, are you really going to get it cut?”, “Are you going to cry?”, and many of “Are you sure?”… and my answer was “Yes, yes and yes, I want to get it cut. No, I won’t regret it. No this is not any life-altering experience.” Seriously, I have absolutely no sentimental attachment to my hair. Unlike most girls with long hair who usually have long hair all their lives, my long hair is product of me just not wanting to be active about finding a salon and stylist. I’m not anti-social. I just don’t like dealing with people. That, and actually having to make plans, etc. Blah blah blah, so anyway, here goes the pictures.


IMG_2140  IMG_2136

And… after:

IMG_2154  IMG_2150

I’m not sure how long exactly, but I did cut off the length in a braided ponytail, and it’s going out to Locks of Love. I was almost tempted to post the picture of it here, but .. honestly, it’s pretty creepy. The thought of that dead hair used to be attached to me….. eeks.

I told the stylist to do whatever she pleases. I told her the longest I will accept is shoulder length and she can cut it as short as she pleases, as long as it’s not a pixie cut. I thought she’d make it much shorter, but well.. it’s still nice for a change. I like it. (I’m thinking maybe she cut it more conservative length because she probably feared me turning all psycho on her – hahah). Well, next time when I get it cut again (it could be in 6 months, a year, two years, who knows), if whoever will be cutting my hair will be brave enough to get it cut any shorter 😉

For future reference, if there’s anyone who knows around Chambana well, any recommendations on where to go get me some fancy haircut? I don’t know – I’m nuts and I like going to new places oppose to finding a regular stylist. Yes, I’m nuts!

Attack of an army of monkeys (or something like it)

August 21, 2007

They’re here!

IMG_2121 IMG_2122

An army of monkeys! Courtesy of Amanda!

For Knittyboard Sock Swap, she made me Monkey socks, with Cheeky Monkey sock yarn – accompanied by gigantic sock monkey and monkey stickers. Monkeys here, monkeys there, monkeys everywhere! Since the moment I got those, I’ve been wearing them all day. They’re so nice, pretty, squishy, so soft and comfy. I love them!


Yes, I did really wear these around the apartment all day. And you can totally see the bits of threads kinda sticking onto the sock and hanging down from it. No, it’s not from socks. I’ve been on and off sewing all day and bits and pieces of threads are all over the carpet.

Thank you Amanda! You’re the bestest!
(… and your socks are mailed out today!)

Anyone wants to say hi to gigantic sock monkey?


More sewing

August 21, 2007

Oh I really haven’t been doing much lately – definitely no knitting for oh, almost a week now, if not more.

I did manage to make a bag though.

Yeah, you can totally see me holding on to the remote to my camera. And here are rest of my dorky self-photo session.
IMG_2117 IMG_2115 IMG_2114 IMG_2109
I like the way it turned out. Well, after all, it’s exactly same bag as for the one I made for Andrea a while ago. The only (and major) difference is that this has a magnetic snap closure rather than d rings – which I think is more substantial and usable!
And… I am working on making more of those sock pouch/bag things. It’s going pretty slowly but steady.

On that note, I think this may be time for bed. You know, it’s only 3 AM already 😀

My brand new socks, courtesy of my Sockapalooza pal!

August 18, 2007

My Sockapalooza socks have arrived!

IMG_2101  IMG_2102
My pal was Brenda! Along with the sock, she sent me real maple syrup from Maine, adorable little notepad (hooray for polka dots!), and a wee bouncy ball (because… no one doesn’t like bouncy balls!). And she wrote me a long, nice note on the Maine postcard. She said she actually read my blog and found out that I never knitted a pair of Jaywalkers so she decided to knit me a pair! How thoughtful of her!

Technically, I “did” knit Jaywalkers. Well… almost “a” Jaywalker (no, not a pair). I just failed miserably. I don’t think I’m making them any time soon – and hey, now I don’t have to. Thanks to my lovely Brenda, now I own a pair!

Now, time to check out the socks. My fancy new socks!

IMG_2105  IMG_2108
Chris laughed at me because I stood on top of chair to take these pictures – but hey, I wanted to show them off at their full glory! I had to do it! 😀 This is not only my first pair of Jaywalkers, but also first pair of socks that I own that’s knitted by someone other than myself, and the product of my first swap ever! I’m super thrilled!

Oh and one more thing, I’d like to show off the oh-so-gorgeous picot edged cuff!

I know, very pretty! I love them!

Thank you again Brenda!

My (not-so-grand) Sockapalooza reveal!

August 16, 2007

Now that my sockapalooza pal has gotten her stuff, I can finally reveal the grand mystery socks.

And yes, my downstream pal was Ariel! I had super hard time trying to keep it all on the secret, trying very hard to be discrete, just in case she suspects anything. Yes, there was a reason why I was all hush hush about all this even though it was no super-duper secret. I was trying to stay under the radar, just in case! I actually finished the socks like early July and meanwhile I had to keep my mouth shut – that was a lot harder than I imagined. That was probably the most difficult about this particular swap. It was my first swap thing I ever signed up for, and I’d like to call it a sucess! 😀

As for the “specs” – the pattern is Thirassia. Yes, it’s “en español” but I really only needed the stitch chart… and it was fun yet easy peasy. The yarn used is Sapphire Superwash from Ruby Sapphire Yarns in Vera colorway.

IMG_2071 IMG_2072 IMG_2073 IMG_1957 IMG_1958
… And other than that, I’ve been cutting out pieces for those zip up sock pouches while procrastinating on buying zippers.

In fact, I really haven’t been knitting lately – as in past few days. But I did finish Amanda‘s socks for Knittyboard sockswap, but won’t be mailed out until this coming Tuesday when I am able to go to the post office.

And speaking of Ariel and Amanda… those two, along with their crazy kintting group in Boston have a podcast called FiberCult. They’re still relatively new but they’re fun-filled bunch. Please show your support and listen to them! And while I’m at plugging mood, tomorrow (August 17th) is Anne Marie‘s birthday. Please go and wish her a happy happy birthday! …and that concludes this portion of rambling.

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