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Sock knitting bag, maybe?

August 12, 2007

I’m actually breaking the habit of one (ok, sometimes two) post per month, and decide to make another post for August! How exciting! Honestly, I usually only work one project at a time, so I don’t have whole lot of WIP discussion or whatnot. I start it, and I finish it. Not much there to talk about really. Eh. Anyhow – here’s my accomplishment of yesterday evening.

It’s a zip up pouch, just big enough to carry a small knitting project, like a pair of socks. Or, any other junk I suppose. It’s a plain bag with zipper pull on top. I suppose one can fill it up with make-up, candies, or something something, bah, who cares. But at the end, it was my original intention to make it in sock-knitting friendly size, so there it goes. And here goes the lining:

IMG_2089 IMG_2090
So, that’s my creation for Saturday.

What today was like…

August 10, 2007

I’m actually taking a long weekend off for once. And to start it off, I finally made a trip over to the post office and mailed out my Sockapalooza socks. Once my pal gets the socks, I’ll be revealing not-so-secret socks I made for my pal! How (vaguely) exciting! ;) Hopefully it fits, and she likes them.

Afterwards, Chris and I drove around and around, which was nice and relaxing – it’s something we haven’t done for very long time. It was nice and sunny – okay, maybe bit too hot, but wasn’t terribly bad.

Then, we made a quick run over to a fabric store. I didn’t find anything overly exciting, but I did find this:


Oh and when we came home, I found this beauty in the mailbox!

I entered a contest over at Fee‘s blog and I was one of the runner-up’s. These are the most adorable wee stitch markers ever! Thank you Fee!

So, that pretty much sums up today. Just another not-manic Friday.

Again, stuff from last month…

August 2, 2007

I really need to break this habit of making something and posting it a month afterwards. But once again, here they are. I present you, stuff!

First of all, Another circular needle holder, made for Zyllah. And sort of matching stitch markers.

IMG_2063  IMG_2064
IMG_2065  IMG_1955
And a pair of socks for Carol. Yes, it’s Hedera again.
And, yes, I finished with my Sockapalooza socks. But no, I rather keep it under wraps until I send them out. Why? Because I’m just nuts like that. Also, as for Knittyboard sock swap, as of right now I’m about inch or so down on the second sock. (Hi Amanda!) And no, I will not discuss the further details on it either. Why? .. again, I’m that nuts.

Well, that was fun.

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