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September mid-month update

September 17, 2007

I really haven’t been doing much lately.

Seems like September is here then almost gone in flash. I can’t believe it’s already over half way through the month!

I’d say, probably the best thing that happened in September was visiting Chris’s parents in Rockford and spending time with Nikki. What can I say – she’s (even though technically not true) my puppy!


I love her! I mean, come on, who wouldn’t love her!

And I finished 2 pairs of socks since the last post. That Embossed Leaves socks were finished on August 31st, with only few minutes to spare til midnight. That was quite a .. well, crunch time! (okay, so I haven’t really used that expression since college, for those all nighters before exams). And the other one is kinda unmentionable. And now I have another pair of Pomatomus in the works.


Oh and I almost forgot… I finally met a fellow knitter in town! Last week, I got to meet Amy and her most adorable wee boy (and he’s like super smart too!). She was so fun and funny.. and she gave me this big bag full of yarny goodies which I have yet to take a picture of. (Yes, that was super amazingly sweet of her) Getting to meet her was amazing, and I guess I should thank Ravelry for that.

Moving on….