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Almost MIA but not quite

October 12, 2007

Oh October, won’t you please end already…

My grand plan of trying to work on one pair of stockinette socks has failed. Actually, that’s a good thing, because I’ve finished them!

IMG_2260  IMG_2256

Yes, once again, stripes are matchy matchy. For unimportant specs, the yarn used is Cascade Sassy Stripes in Amanda colorway. Seriously, I’ve made gazillion pairs of socks in these. Generally speaking, the dye job on these sucks (I mean Sassy Stripes in general, not just this particular skeins I used), but the yarn knits up a-okay and they’re fantastic to wash and wear.

And just last night, I started on another pair of socks. Well, a sock. Again, this is another pair of striped socks, but this time I’m using cut and reattach method by using leftover J-Knits Superwash Me – Sock and Knitpicks Essential. Cut and reattach is such a pain in the ass (I mean, who likes to weave in millions of loose ends?) but I really like the crisp stripes it creates. We’ll see how it goes.


Time to go, time to go. Back to craziness that is October.

So it has begun, once again

October 3, 2007

It has begun once again, that time of the year when I give up my personal life (which by the way is almost non existent to begin with) in favor of my job.

Yes, I mean Halloween season.

For those of you (by which I mean, almost everyone) who may not know, I work at a costume store. Because of said reason, Halloween no longer is just one day thing, rather the entire month of October, in fact, like the fall season in its entirety. I mean, it’s fun and all time to time – you get to meet interesting people, ideas, etc, but after all, with long hours, it gets tiring. My October pretty much consists of work, home, sleep, back to work. Not that I ever cook all that much, but I pretty much give up cooking altogether in every October – it’s simply not happening. Pretty much same thing goes toward knitting too. I don’t, and can’t get much done. So, I cast on a pair of stockinette socks the other night, as something for me to do to keep my sanity, like 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there.


I’d be pretty pleased if I can finish that before the end of the month.

And not that I ever really update this blog all that often, but it’s very much likely that I may not post anything new until sometime November, who knows. And I think this year, I’m skipping on knitted gifts. Blah. And I can’t quite keep my thoughts in logical matter anymore. Thoughts pop in my head, then pops out – everything is just pretty frantic right now. (But then again, if you ask anyone who knows me pretty well, they’d call that pretty “normal” for me)

… and I bought few Phildar booklets the other day. Or, more like, I placed an order for it, so it should be here sometime next week, I hope. I don’t know if I’d ever make anything out of it (I think I want to, but for whatever the reason, I never seem to make anything out of actual pattern ever), but there were few very pretty patterns that I just want to have. Lately, I’ve been dying to make sweaters/cardigan type things – actual garments, but I can’t seem to make up my mind… that, and October to me, is never the greatest time of the year on starting anything major, so we’ll see how I feel about it after I get the pattern, and after things slow down a bit in November…

And last thing before I go away – I finished that red pair of Pomatomus.


Hooray on that.