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Polly Jean

January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to me, and a free pattern for you!

I present you, Polly Jean!


download pdf | additional pictures



Look, progress!

January 29, 2009

I decided to take the “tradition” and actually post two days in a row. If this helps me to stay away from more productive things like.. doing laundry or go to Kinko’s, sure, why not.

I started on the second sock for Diamondy twin. I’m kinda strange and I rarely ever have problem with so-called SSS, or Second Sock Syndrome. But then again, now that I’ve said it, I probably jinxed it.


Look! Progress! Hooray.

Ariel thinks I’m going fast. I beg the differ. I’m doing this one at a time, she’s doing it 2 socks at once. That’s why I may “appear” to be faster. So… CHILL! 😛

And… as you may have guessed, I am trying to make the socks identical – however, I think I’m off by a bit. It’s probably not super noticeable until the heel flap. Crap.

I know I know, what kind of crazy person trying to make an identical pair out of variegated yarn? Me, of course.

That’s it for now. Maybe there will something more exciting happening tomorrow. Maybe not.

Real massive catching up

January 27, 2009

It surely has been a while. So much happened within past about couple of months, my brain almost went numb, and motivations (to knit and anything else otherwise) went out the window… until now.

Let see, what’s new…. For starters, Chris and I moved! Goodbye Champaign (well, actually, goodbye Illinois), hello Wisconsin! Even though it’s way too cold to do anything right now but it surely is interesting to live in a city. Apparently I’m not a suburban girl anymore (for now at least).

And for the kickers, this is what I see out my window every evening, watching the cars drive by. I’m easily amused – what can I say?!


And this is what the outside looks like during the day.


Yes, that’s the lake!

Anyhow… so, well, even despite the fact that I’ve been unemployed for over a month now, I still haven’t been knitting much lately. Funny how that goes. I wanted nothing more than extra time to be able to knit more, but now that I have more than plenty, it’s hard to scavenge for motivation. Oops.

Ok, there are so many things to talk about (that, or maybe I’m just getting lazy and don’t feel like bringing it up), so I’m skipping out on pictures of what I made for Christmas last year. I made 2 Hemlock Ring Blankets and a throw pillow (if you’re curious, pictures are around somewhere on Ravelry and Flickr). I gave up on trying to finish Slipped Hours pullover on time. Eventually I’m sure…

… Last but not least, progress on twin socks with Ariel! My Triple 8 socks (c/o on 8/8/08, does that make sense?) are finally finished. And just last night (well, technically today, since it was past midnight), I casted on for a pair of Diamondy!

IMG_3066  IMG_3071

That’s it for now. Time for more knitting! … or build houses on Sims 2.