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My new buddy

June 7, 2009

Where did the whole month of May go?

Not whole lot happened, but I did keep myself busy, in one way or another. I did knit a bit. A little bit. Not something I can share with the world (yet). Oh yeah, it’s all about knitting in secrets. The only non-secret knitting is that tank top I’ve been working on forever, rather, I haven’t worked on. It’s almost done. In fact, it’s been “almost done” for a bit over a month now. Geesh.

Oh and a big news (at least to me) – we have a new member to our household. Cocoa the cat has joined the family! Yes, I was cat sitting her – which meant to be for only 2 weeks but ended up being for 3 weeks. Then she went home (for 5 days)… then she packed up and decided to move in with us!

Everyone, this is Cocoa.


This is probably the best depiction of Cocoa in her “daily” life. She likes, no loves to play with string. She’s also very quiet – rarely meows, though she does squeak. Even her purring is so quiet that you can’t hear it unless she’s cuddling right next to you. Even though she enjoys her “alone time” during the day, she plays an excellent role of a lap kitty at night.

Anyways, she’s my new buddy. Silly little mitten kitten.