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Hooking away

May 20, 2010

So I’m not sure what has possessed me but I have decided to make granny squares.

Yes, crochet.

Yes, I (still) don’t know how to “properly” crochet. But quite frankly, I don’t really care. I know I know, all the “how to crochet” instructions and illustrations and what-have-you’s all say that you’re supposed to hold the working yarn with your left hand, and here I am, holding my yarn with my right hand (and yes, I also hold the hook on the right hand too). I know you’re supposed to “pick” the yarn with your hook (in my head, I compare this to continental knitting style), but holding the working yarn with my left hand is absolutely insanely impossible concept to me (as in, I tried for 2 seconds before giving up). So well.. yes, I hold my working yarn with my right hand, just like how I knit. Inefficient? Probably, but well.. whatever, it sort of works (for now).


They’re just out of my mystery batch of acrylics that I really don’t ever use (mainly due to the colors). Yes, I fear purple (which may come as a surprise, but I really do, generally dislike purple – though it’s really case by case). Come to think about it, I do have awful a lot of acrylics – I mean like bits here and parts there. A skein of this, a skein of that, then mountains of partials.

Anyways, so yes, I’ve been crocheting.

(On a random note: “crocheting” is a such a strange word to spell and/or to pronounce. I wanted to spell it crochetting, with two t’s but the spell checker was putting red underline, but went away when I retyped it with only one t. And as for pronunciation, I kinda want to say cro-chetting, except I guess I should say cro-shaying. Funny stuff.)

Weekend wrap up

May 3, 2010

This past weekend seemed longer than usual. It’s probably because Chris took Thursday and Friday off. A long long long long weekend, but somewhat eventful (ok, not really).

We went and saw Nofx at Riverside on Thursday night. It was fun, though that’s not saying it was perfect. The show itself was awesome: few highlight would be a) they played couple of my favs from Punk in Drublic (namely “The Brews” and “Linoleum”), b) they actually played “The Decline” in its full 18 minute worth, c) they ended the show with little musical number from Avenue Q – they kinda did little (and terrible) dance-routine thing to “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist”.

And yes, I’m a sucker and did take a crappy picture with my phone.

Few downside of the show, if I may say: one, what a strange venue for a show! It was in a real “theater” setting, I mean, with seats! And of course everyone stood up front of their seats. And did stupid little dances. Hey kids, if you want to start dance and prance, go up by the stage where people actually “move” and jump and start moshing! When we went and saw Flight of the Conchords last year, it wasn’t an issue (since the seats were assigned and all and everyone just sat there) but I don’t know about for a punk show. Two, noticing “youngings”: Right before we walked in to the theater, I noticed bunch of kids hanging outside by the door, and one of which wore a “Class of 10” shirt. Man, I’m OLD! Oh, that, and another group of kids who was actually “sitting” front of us. It was like group of 6-7 kids or so, one of them bought ONE cup of beer and they were passing it around to everyone within that group. Now, if that doesn’t give away “we’re underaged!” than what would?! Really? Like one sip of beer would make you “cool”? If you’re going to drink, DRINK! Taking one sip when you’re not supposed to, in the public, that’s lame. I’m just saying, I don’t advocate underage drinking but let’s face it, we’ve all done it. But like, seriously, kids, if you’re going to do it then do it like you mean it, otherwise, don’t do it at all! In all actuality, if you get “caught” drinking, whether it was one sip or whole twelve pack, guess what, you’re in trouble. When did these kids become such wussies? (though the word i used initially started with p, not w)

And.. moving on.

So we also went to this home-improvement outlet type of store to look for a dining table. Saw some we kinda liked, but nothing was “wow must get it”. The prices were decent though (hence why we went to check it out). Then we saw the signs about their delivery fee: $155 flat. I mean, if you’re really buying tons of stuff because you’re remodeling your house, I think that’s a good deal! But yeah, we weren’t going to buy $150-$200 table and that much to have it delivered. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’d fit in our teeny car, but seriously, if we were to buy something there, we might as well rent like a uhaul van and haul it ourselves and it would still be cheaper. That’s just a thought. (And yes, we’re still tableless)

And I caved in and bought a skein of Woolease to finish the sweater finally. I wasn’t sure when I would be able to buy one, but thankfully Michael’s was right next to that outlet place we went. This is what it looked like as of last night:


I gave it a little “bath” so the stitches would relax a bit so it’s softer before I start wearing it. And laid it down on the flat to dry overnight. And this is what it looks like as of this afternoon:


I tried to nudge her to get her off the catbed. I mean, off my sweater. And as you can see, it worked oh so well.

Once again, I don’t really have any WIP to work on. No idea what to knit now, as of yet.