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Changes are good, I’m sure

June 14, 2010

It’s very likely things seem a bit off for the moment – it’s because I just transitioned into a new host. Hooray.

Yes, as of today, they still have yet set up their website (they’re too busy helping people like me, hahah!) but if anyone is interested, here is their facebook page.

So well, please excuse my mess during the transition. Most of the key things are done, just tweaking few things here and there to copmletely get back to normal, that’s all.

(on somewhat related note, I feel I should redo the entire layout as well, except for the part where I lack time and motivation)

Not much going on this such gloomy day

June 8, 2010

One of the perks, or rather “curse” of being a “homemaker” or whatever is.. well… sometimes wearing “real pants” (oppose to fake ones? or imaginary ones?) is actually one of big accomplishments.

Or, “on special occasion only” type of deal.

Ok, that’s not entirely true, but here I am, still rolling around in pajama pants. And there goes another figurative speech again since I’m not really rolling around – rather I’m kinda being held against my will sitting at this chair by ever so clingy cat. Cocoa has been pretty much glued to me all morning, preventing me from going about to do daily things that I may or may not do, such as.. putting (actual, oppose to pj’s) pants on.

It’s quite cold and gloomy outside today. Technically it’s not “cold” but yeah it’s rather cool for summer – after all, it is June already. Oh and rainy. Gloomy weather usually equals very clingy Cocoa, or so it seems. She’s been pretty much glued to my lap complete with purring and all the lovey dovey things all morning so far. I even tried to hug her (which is usually the best cat-repellent method) but yeah, that doesn’t seem to work right now.

So anyways, about the only “knitting” I’ve worked on officially has been that twin socks with Ariel.


Done with first sock, and sort of barely started on the second one. It will get done, eventually. There is something about stockinette in the round kinda makes me go slow. Which is odd because it’s actually faster to knit – but I also kinda get bored/get sick of it time to time so I can only seem to work on it few rows at a time, not a significant progress.

And because I can (and because I am probably a crazy cat lady by now), I’m ending this post with a picture of Cocoa taken few days ago.


Just look at those fuzzy wuzzy little mitten paws. Doesn’t that just melt your heart? (I guess the emphasis should be on crazy more than cat lady part)