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War of the vegetables

July 28, 2010

So a couple of days ago, I decided to finally use the crazy bright variegated sock yarn that Ariel sent me a while ago.

And she and I had a discussion on how to describe the color. She said it’s like vegetable soup. I said, yeah except it’s like cold soup – like gazpacho. And we agreed if this yarn really was a soup, it should be served in one of those bowls that’s essentially just a big mug. Like a cappuccino, maybe some sort of froth or dollop or cream?


If you actually see the yarn in person, each color is extremely vibrant and very pretty. It’s just that… all of them “together”, I’m not so hot about, personally. Too many colors, fighting. But hey as long as it can be knit up, and end up on my feet, I’m all good.

Happy Fireworks Day!

July 4, 2010

So since like early/mid June they’ve been shooting fireworks over the lake, but last night was definitely “the” biggest one of all. We didn’t do anything special – just stood by the windows in the living room and watched the show. Well, it was fun and interesting, but honestly, it’s hard to just ignore the fireworks with all the noise (since it pretty much echos), so yeah, we sort of “had” to “enjoy” it. I know I know, I probably sound so enthusiastic. Ha 😛


The fireworks went on for almost an hour. Afterwards, it was fun watching the park and the road, as people were trying to go home. Traffic was pretty bad. It probably took an hour or so until most of the cars cleared – all while Chris and I were just sitting around in comfort of our home. Now, that’s the perk of paying extra in rent for the view*.

*note: actually there wasn’t much of choice since only few units were available in the building when we were looking for a place to live, so we sort of “had” to get the one with the lake view. But then again, the next door was also available, but that meant that it’s “closer” to the lake but the view was about the same, and that would’ve been few more bucks in rent. So yeah. That’s how we ended up with the apt with lake view – and you know what, it’s quite nice. I’m not complaining!