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Back to knitting and such

October 29, 2013

Guess who has two thumbs and is back on the knitting-wagon again?  That, would be me.

Cardigan in progress

Cardigan in progress

So far, it kinda looks like… well, something for Cocoa to lay on. Actually, these pictures were taken last week, so there is a bit more progress but I haven’t had a chance (or desire) to take more pictures – because we all know, it’s nearly impossible to take a cat-free picture if I had to set something on the floor.

Honestly, I’m not sure who’s happier about me starting to knit again – me or the cat. Cocoa has been observing me ever-so-carefully whenever I try to knit. But she’s been a very good girl so far. Though she’s been laying “on stuff”, she hasn’t tried to chew on the yarn (quite yet).