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Purple Cardigan

November 5, 2013

Hooray for finished knitting! Purple cardigan (aka, Cocoa’s Rug) is finished.

Purple Cardigan

Yes, it’s purple (I know I say I don’t really like purple, but for some odd reason, I end up with a lot of purple stuff – weird).

Yarn is from Ariel from eons ago – Christopher Sheep Farm Two Ply (I’m almost certain). I wanted something with positive ease – basically something easy to wear for warmth. And boy it is super warm. I can’t say that I am a huge fan of the yarn itself though, it was rather rough to knit with, but I think it will wear just fine.

Pockets were last minute addition – 2 people told me “yes pockets” 1 person said “no pockets” – I’m not sure if the pockets added much for the “look” (it’s possible that the cardi could have looked more “refined” without the pockets), but at the end of the day, I am very happy that I decided to go with pockets. *note to self: pockets should be planned instead of adding on later.

Oh another thing – I always think that I like seamed sweater vs seamless (I think they’re overall better structured than seamless sweaters). But working on this cardigan was a terrible reminder of how much I dislike seaming. It’s rather labor intensive. So I’m still in love/hate relationship with seamed sweaters – true story!

… then I started something new. A pair of socks.


I don’t know how I was able to not knit for past few years. Seriously, I feel like I never stopped knitting. 🙂