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MJ and Cocoa

Oh hi there. I'm MJ. I live in Milwaukee with my boyfriend (of a very long time) Chris and my silly silly silly cat Cocoa.

I like knitting, among many other things. I even try to design and write patterns sometimes. I'm also sucker for nice kitchen/cooking utensils/tools/gadgets, despite the fact that I'm not that great of a cook. And I also have a strong affinity for reference-type books - like knitting stitch dictionaries or programming books (though just really web language/script type). It's not that I really "use" them, rather, I like to just "have" them. Am I nuts? Possibly!

Here's something pretty funny about me. I hate butterflies. Yes it's true. Go ahead and laugh now.

Here's another funny: even despite the fact that I used to not like cats, I'm absolutely obsessed with my cat Cocoa. She's my little mitten kitten and endless source of smiles. She even makes Chris crack a smile every now and then, even if he's having a grumpy day. But all and all, I still think I'm more of a dog person.

... so that's sort of "about me" in a nutshell.

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