Again, stuff from last month…

August 2, 2007

I really need to break this habit of making something and posting it a month afterwards. But once again, here they are. I present you, stuff!

First of all, Another circular needle holder, made for Zyllah. And sort of matching stitch markers.

IMG_2063  IMG_2064
IMG_2065  IMG_1955
And a pair of socks for Carol. Yes, it’s Hedera again.
And, yes, I finished with my Sockapalooza socks. But no, I rather keep it under wraps until I send them out. Why? Because I’m just nuts like that. Also, as for Knittyboard sock swap, as of right now I’m about inch or so down on the second sock. (Hi Amanda!) And no, I will not discuss the further details on it either. Why? .. again, I’m that nuts.

Well, that was fun.

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  1. Oooh…you’re so talented! Those stitchmarkers and needle holder are cute!

    Sounds like we may finish at about the same time – I’m on the 4th pattern repeat on the second sock, and I’m going on a 4.5 hr car trip today….maybe finish next week??? (Despite starting work…. :( )

  2. AHH you have such mad skills! You need to make me a wallet or… SOMETHING!!!

  3. Oooh so pretty!!

    Do you have a Ravelry account yet?

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