Almost leaving on a jet plane, or a slow car

May 4, 2008

So, Washington DC, here we come!

Actually, we’re heading to a suburb in Maryland. Well, close enough. We’ll be there for about a week, “visiting” Chris’s sister and doing some tourist things, since.. after all, we’re out of towners.

Things are almost packed, and we’ll be leaving at the crack of the dawn tomorrow morning, or well, today, I suppose.

Before leaving, a poorly lit picture of finished pair of socks.


Waving Lace socks. Araucania Ranco solid in color 101. Used 2.5 mm needles and I’m pretty certain I followed the pattern as written, which is very rare.

And a pair of sock in the works. Actually, a mock up of a pattern in the works.


I’m not quite loving the look, but the basic concept is there. I think for the actual pattern to come, it needs to be more refined of course. It’s just one of my many insane ideas floating in my head. We’ll see how things go.

Okay, I think I should get couple of hours of shuteye, even though I’m not at all tired….

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