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October 12, 2007

Oh October, won’t you please end already…

My grand plan of trying to work on one pair of stockinette socks has failed. Actually, that’s a good thing, because I’ve finished them!

IMG_2260  IMG_2256

Yes, once again, stripes are matchy matchy. For unimportant specs, the yarn used is Cascade Sassy Stripes in Amanda colorway. Seriously, I’ve made gazillion pairs of socks in these. Generally speaking, the dye job on these sucks (I mean Sassy Stripes in general, not just this particular skeins I used), but the yarn knits up a-okay and they’re fantastic to wash and wear.

And just last night, I started on another pair of socks. Well, a sock. Again, this is another pair of striped socks, but this time I’m using cut and reattach method by using leftover J-Knits Superwash Me – Sock and Knitpicks Essential. Cut and reattach is such a pain in the ass (I mean, who likes to weave in millions of loose ends?) but I really like the crisp stripes it creates. We’ll see how it goes.


Time to go, time to go. Back to craziness that is October.

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  1. Ooh your wip reminds me of those super high pink striped socks you made. I love those!!

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