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April 9, 2010

So I started to knit again. Seemingly it’s getting a bit late for a sweater, but since this week so far has been almost back to winter-like weather, I guess it’s not too weird after all.


It’s still at very “beginning” stage, so there isn’t much to look at. I started it on like, Tuesday (and now it’s Friday today) but what you see in the picture is about only a day worth of knitting. I started and gotten pretty far on the first day, then I haven’t done much since. I sort of blame it on the weather – gloomy weather isn’t so motivating.

There isn’t much to talk about at the moment, since you know, there isn’t much there to begin with. More juicy details on the sweater to come with further progress, and when my eyes aren’t so tired. I was fine even 5 minutes ago but suddenly my eyes feel tired (and I don’t mean “feeling sleepy”). It’s kinda weird to describe it, but really, that’s what it is – they’re just “tired”.

So yeah.

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  1. Yo! I saw this on Rav. LIke it 🙂 Should hear about my job next week and we’ll know about a house soon after! Will let you know when moving day is

  2. MJ    

    Heh, you’re “almost” my neighbor! That’s awesome!

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