Blah blah blah and humpin’ dinos

January 12, 2008

I haven’t really been doing much lately. The New Year’s Eve was kinda fun-ish. I got some nudie hats and watched one of the new years countdown thing (previously recorded, because it’s all in New York) for like 5 minutes, and watched South Park movie and Futurama with Chris, Dave, and Erik. Yes, it came and went. Hooray.. ?

As for my knitting, I really haven’t been doing much since I was done with the blanket for Christmas. I’ve been like blehhhhhh. Though one (not-so) exciting news – I wrote up a pattern for a hat! It’s the hat that I meant to write up the pattern for in November, then I decided to knit that blanket, and it’s been on back burner until now. It’s pretty much finished, I just need to take some pictures and put it altogether. But I’m not going to post it immediately. It will be a birthday treat. Who’s birthday, you may ask. It’s my birthday, silly! Yes, on January 31st, there will be a free pattern posted right here! I know this isn’t the site with high traffic, but well, I’d love to see if at least one other person other than me making the hat – that would be so fabulous!

Speaking of birthday thing, I really wanted to buy a new sewing machine but I don’t think I’d be (financially) ready for making a relatively big purchase by my birthday. Though, now I know exactly I want, so I have a goal to save up for, which is kinda exciting too. But I did buy something semi-extravagant for myself the other day. It’s blue, it’s cute, and it’s all mine now!


It looks more black in the picture, but it’s really navy!

Oh and .. tonight I invited some people over for food. It’s nothing exciting, but I have to share my fun-tastic silverware setting.

IMG_2394  IMG_2395

Yes, those wee dino figurines are humping the plastic silverware. It’s totally childish but it’s totally awesome! :) That’s all. Now time to go crash….

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  1. I see someone else didn’t tell me about *her* birthday:P

  2. Damn cute shoes MJ!!

    Also, I love the dinosaurs :D.

  3. Amanda

    Oooh! Loves shoes! Cute shoes!

    Which machine are you saving for???

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