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Cat, Interrupted

December 5, 2013


I’m not so sure why she looks very “guilty” but she just does. Oh and “Hi!”

Shortest fireworks ever

July 7, 2013

The Fourth of July fireworks at the lake (which by the way is always on the evening of July third each year) was definitely underwhelming this year.

Well, because it was super foggy.

Fireworks in the fog

I was thinking about taking pictures with actual camera, then I decided against it. After taking this picture with my phone, with the fog and all the smoke from the fireworks itself there was just loud “boom” in the pitch darkness. No fireworks to be seen within like 10 minutes into it.

What a shame.

More Necklace-On-Cat

June 24, 2013

Still not impressed…

Another necklace-on-cat.  Still not impressed.

How to embarrass a cat

May 30, 2013

Put on a necklace.

Not impressed

Where have you been?

April 2, 2013

It’s been oh, a couple of years then some month since the last post, or so it seems. It surely feels like time just flew by.

I had a job, worked my (figuratively speaking) little butt off for 2 years. I mean, I worked and worked and worked and then I left. And as of January this year, hello community college.

And no. I have not been knitting, and yes, I hope to start it back up.

Cocoa is still a happy kitty, it’s been almost four years since we adopted her, or she adopted us – same difference. She still likes to cuddle, she still doesn’t understand “stranger danger”, and she still doesn’t like massive kiss-attack from mommy (but she tolerates it). Cocoa says “what’s up?” or rather, “what?”


And I’ve been baking. Yes, I have a stand mixer now. A hot pink one.

That’s it for now. Run along now children.

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