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So what else is new

November 17, 2010

I know I’m a very focused and determined person. Yes, I get work done, even with distractions.

How do I know? Well, here’s is an example.


I have a cat on my lap, as always. In fact, she’s been clingier than usual now that the weather has cooled down considerably. I cannot possibly sit front of the desk without having her glued to my lap, or worse, she’d sit on the keyboard or mousepad. Or, her little kittybutt would be on my wrist as I’m trying to maneuver the mouse.. and I have “work” to do.

Knitting, also is another fun activity. She loves yarn. She loves it even more when it moves (aka, the little cast on tail hanging from the WIP). She wants to play with it or chew on it. She insists it’s her “play” time – funny because when I intend on playing with her with “her” string (oppose to the yarn I’m working with), all she does is just sit and stare.

Basically, I semi-permanently have a cat glued to my lap – a cute, furry, purry one. She’s so lucky she’s so little and cute, I probably won’t put up with her shit if she wasn’t. Hah! Though it’s just a speculation, it’s possible she probably could get away with murder.

Oh the sweet life that is living with a cat. So, what else is new?

It’s October already

October 12, 2010

So far during the month of October…

Cocoa likes to hide in Chris’s closet where she can just “blend in”.


On related note, I’ve learned that it possible to lose a cat within one bedroom apartment.

And we went and saw Bad Religion – for their thirtieth anniversary tour. It was only appropriate that it was their 30 year anniversary, and we went to see them to celebrate Chris’s 30th birthday.


I can’t believe how old we’re getting. Kinda scary how the time flies by.

And I’ve been playing Fable 2 on xbox. I find it pretty funny how fast I was able to “beat” the game, despite the fact that I have hardest time with the controllers (you should see me trying to access netflix with the xbox controller… really).

And I’ve been knitting off and on. More off than on. Something something.

Oh and last but not the least – now it’s official!! Ariel is developing a sock book with Cooperative Press! And they need your help!

Please participate this survey for sock/feet sizing and measurement (also, hidden in the survey is a mini contest, please read the survey for details!). You don’t necessarily have to be a sock knitter (or a knitter for that matter) to participate in the survey. I thank you in advance for your participation! And I’m sure Shannon and Ariel would also appreciate your effort as well!

Oh hello Chicago

September 14, 2010

Last week was interesting. Or interesting enough.

Chris is officially “over the hill” now. Old fart. We honestly didn’t do anything special for his birthday, but he did take the entire week off, so it was good to have him around. We did almost nothing but we did nothing together, and that.. really was nice.

I got couple of tickets for Bad Religion show for him. I know, it’s kinda lame birthday gift – because if I didn’t get them, I’m sure he would have gotten them himself.

Then on Saturday, we decided to go to Chicago. Actually, the original plan was to go on Friday and spend a night, then there was minor fiasco: we had no running water in the morning! Then when it came back on later in the afternoon, the hot and cold were reversed (which, thankfully eventually turned back normal). That was not fun, at all. So in any case, instead of having an overnight trip, we made it into a quick day trip. (And of course, the weather was gorgeous on Friday but it was really foggy and rainy on Saturday.. go figures)


We mainly went to see Katie’s “new” condo. But then we also went to the Field Museum. I mean, why not – she lives right by it. And of course, I saw Sue the T Rex. You can’t not see the dinosaur! (and hooray for double negative)


By the time the museum “kicked” us out, the sky cleared up. That was pretty nice. And even though I didn’t get to go this time, I got to see the Navy Pier from distance. I love Navy Pier, I have always liked to sit there and watch the lake, and if we had time, I totally would have went there. Again, it’s pretty funny how (and why) I was so excited to see Lake Michigan even though I see it everyday, through my windows. I “do” live by the lake, and I mean the very same Lake Michigan. Same pond, just different angle.


Anyways, other than the museum, we went out for a brunch in the area, then went some bar in Wrigleyville but meh, nothing exciting. Didn’t get to do much since we were running on a tight schedule.

But nontheless, it was fun. I love Chicago.

Happy Fireworks Day!

July 4, 2010

So since like early/mid June they’ve been shooting fireworks over the lake, but last night was definitely “the” biggest one of all. We didn’t do anything special – just stood by the windows in the living room and watched the show. Well, it was fun and interesting, but honestly, it’s hard to just ignore the fireworks with all the noise (since it pretty much echos), so yeah, we sort of “had” to “enjoy” it. I know I know, I probably sound so enthusiastic. Ha 😛


The fireworks went on for almost an hour. Afterwards, it was fun watching the park and the road, as people were trying to go home. Traffic was pretty bad. It probably took an hour or so until most of the cars cleared – all while Chris and I were just sitting around in comfort of our home. Now, that’s the perk of paying extra in rent for the view*.

*note: actually there wasn’t much of choice since only few units were available in the building when we were looking for a place to live, so we sort of “had” to get the one with the lake view. But then again, the next door was also available, but that meant that it’s “closer” to the lake but the view was about the same, and that would’ve been few more bucks in rent. So yeah. That’s how we ended up with the apt with lake view – and you know what, it’s quite nice. I’m not complaining!

Changes are good, I’m sure

June 14, 2010

It’s very likely things seem a bit off for the moment – it’s because I just transitioned into a new host. Hooray.

Yes, as of today, they still have yet set up their website (they’re too busy helping people like me, hahah!) but if anyone is interested, here is their facebook page.

So well, please excuse my mess during the transition. Most of the key things are done, just tweaking few things here and there to copmletely get back to normal, that’s all.

(on somewhat related note, I feel I should redo the entire layout as well, except for the part where I lack time and motivation)

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