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Hooking away

May 20, 2010

So I’m not sure what has possessed me but I have decided to make granny squares.

Yes, crochet.

Yes, I (still) don’t know how to “properly” crochet. But quite frankly, I don’t really care. I know I know, all the “how to crochet” instructions and illustrations and what-have-you’s all say that you’re supposed to hold the working yarn with your left hand, and here I am, holding my yarn with my right hand (and yes, I also hold the hook on the right hand too). I know you’re supposed to “pick” the yarn with your hook (in my head, I compare this to continental knitting style), but holding the working yarn with my left hand is absolutely insanely impossible concept to me (as in, I tried for 2 seconds before giving up). So well.. yes, I hold my working yarn with my right hand, just like how I knit. Inefficient? Probably, but well.. whatever, it sort of works (for now).


They’re just out of my mystery batch of acrylics that I really don’t ever use (mainly due to the colors). Yes, I fear purple (which may come as a surprise, but I really do, generally dislike purple – though it’s really case by case). Come to think about it, I do have awful a lot of acrylics – I mean like bits here and parts there. A skein of this, a skein of that, then mountains of partials.

Anyways, so yes, I’ve been crocheting.

(On a random note: “crocheting” is a such a strange word to spell and/or to pronounce. I wanted to spell it crochetting, with two t’s but the spell checker was putting red underline, but went away when I retyped it with only one t. And as for pronunciation, I kinda want to say cro-chetting, except I guess I should say cro-shaying. Funny stuff.)

Happy Cocoa-versary!

April 19, 2010

It’s been a year already since the first day little Cocoa Kitty Butt came to live with us!


Well, technically today marks one year for the day Cocoa came for “visiting”/cat-sitting. But doesn’t really matter because after staying with us for 3 weeks (though originally meant to be only for 2 wks), she went “home” for five days before she “permanantly” moved in. Close enough. So.. yes, I count today as the anniversary. Hooray for little Cocoa!

I’m still very much smitten with my mitten kitten.


April 1, 2010

Hey look – new layout.

I think it’s pretty functional at this point. Or that’s my excuse for calling it “done” for now. I must admit, I felt a bit rusty with css attributes and syntax – it’s probably it’s been years since I wrote a full-blow style sheet (and time has changed some things around! hah). Either that, or I never really knew how to properly do things before. Nontheless, it is done – but I’m sure if I were to “validate” css, it will bring me some error, or at very least, some warnings. But all and all, it’s “working”.

As for the knitting-front, I don’t have much to show. Well, since the last post (… which was last September, so it has been few months), I did finish manage to do few things here and there, and all the WIP’s from even “years ago” are finished. But honestly at the moment, I’m not really in the mood to knit. For about a month+ or so, I really haven’t been knitting. And surprisingly, I’m “ok” with it.

Oh what else is new…

Oh my old old old cell phone died on me. On my birthday nontheless. By “dead” I meant it stopped picking up signal. If a phone won’t receive a signal, well, that’s “death” of a phone. So I got me a new phone. I really like my new pre, but well, I do miss having a tiny green phone. Oh well, time for something new, and it was absolutely out of necessity.

Speaking of my birthday, my intention was to release another free pattern on my birthday, like I have done in past couple of years, but this year, I skipped out. The excuse? Well, pattern itself is done and finished, but I do not have proper pictures to show for it! Funny stuff. Maybe sometime later.

And Cocoa is still being awesome as always.

And lately, I’m trying my absolute best to actually “cook” proper meals for dinner (almost) everyday. I want to make new (to us) things and make Chris try – I think that may be the only way to get Chris to eat different things. But I’m also aware this is easier to be said than done. All I can do is really “try”.

Oh and happy April Fool’s Day, as if it’s a holiday.

My new buddy

June 7, 2009

Where did the whole month of May go?

Not whole lot happened, but I did keep myself busy, in one way or another. I did knit a bit. A little bit. Not something I can share with the world (yet). Oh yeah, it’s all about knitting in secrets. The only non-secret knitting is that tank top I’ve been working on forever, rather, I haven’t worked on. It’s almost done. In fact, it’s been “almost done” for a bit over a month now. Geesh.

Oh and a big news (at least to me) – we have a new member to our household. Cocoa the cat has joined the family! Yes, I was cat sitting her – which meant to be for only 2 weeks but ended up being for 3 weeks. Then she went home (for 5 days)… then she packed up and decided to move in with us!

Everyone, this is Cocoa.


This is probably the best depiction of Cocoa in her “daily” life. She likes, no loves to play with string. She’s also very quiet – rarely meows, though she does squeak. Even her purring is so quiet that you can’t hear it unless she’s cuddling right next to you. Even though she enjoys her “alone time” during the day, she plays an excellent role of a lap kitty at night.

Anyways, she’s my new buddy. Silly little mitten kitten.

So, well…

March 19, 2009

So, well… once upon a time. No, “earlier toay” I was going downstairs to take a bag of trash out, and figured, oh I might as well check the mail.

Ok, actually, let’s start with a background story. So, I have this crazy friend named Ariel. Some of you may know her as the “sock princess”, some of you may not. So, anyway, few nights ago, after hours of skyping, we decided to swap out some yarn – I was going to send her SWTC Phoenix (which mean for a Coachella), and she was going to send me her Debbie Bliss Cathay (enough for a Picovoli). And even though I (not knowing where exactly the post office is around here) haven’t sent the yarn out to her, she promptly sent me hers – and I received it on Monday.

Fast forward another day or two, we have been working on organizing her yarn. And as we were doing it, she said she was going to destash some yarn to me, as well as some paperback book. So I said, sure.

And today, I got more yarn from her. Insano!

This is all the stuff sent me within like a week period:


Yes, she’s crazy.

You know, the original plan for today was to post some socks in progress (it’s crazy – I’ve been having multiple WIP’s at once!) and some other stuff I’ve finished recently, but you know what, that will be for another day.

And now I get to read Harry Potter (the first book), thanks to Ariel. Now, where’s my big pointy hat and magic wands? (… though funny thing is, Chris has already read every single one in the series just this past summer.. and I was pretty set on not reading them. But apparently, Ariel is a lot more persuasive.)

Oh and.. hey, look! Something chocolatey!


Anyway, now I’m running into a problem where…. I have a very desperate need for more (sock sized) needles. Now I really start to miss the idea of living right by a yarn store where I can just walk over there whenever I need to – I guess I kinda took that for granted. Poo.

Ok, time for me to go wake my child.. er, boyfriend up from his wee nappy nap so we can go grocery shopping.

The end.

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