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Real massive catching up

January 27, 2009

It surely has been a while. So much happened within past about couple of months, my brain almost went numb, and motivations (to knit and anything else otherwise) went out the window… until now.

Let see, what’s new…. For starters, Chris and I moved! Goodbye Champaign (well, actually, goodbye Illinois), hello Wisconsin! Even though it’s way too cold to do anything right now but it surely is interesting to live in a city. Apparently I’m not a suburban girl anymore (for now at least).

And for the kickers, this is what I see out my window every evening, watching the cars drive by. I’m easily amused – what can I say?!


And this is what the outside looks like during the day.


Yes, that’s the lake!

Anyhow… so, well, even despite the fact that I’ve been unemployed for over a month now, I still haven’t been knitting much lately. Funny how that goes. I wanted nothing more than extra time to be able to knit more, but now that I have more than plenty, it’s hard to scavenge for motivation. Oops.

Ok, there are so many things to talk about (that, or maybe I’m just getting lazy and don’t feel like bringing it up), so I’m skipping out on pictures of what I made for Christmas last year. I made 2 Hemlock Ring Blankets and a throw pillow (if you’re curious, pictures are around somewhere on Ravelry and Flickr). I gave up on trying to finish Slipped Hours pullover on time. Eventually I’m sure…

… Last but not least, progress on twin socks with Ariel! My Triple 8 socks (c/o on 8/8/08, does that make sense?) are finally finished. And just last night (well, technically today, since it was past midnight), I casted on for a pair of Diamondy!

IMG_3066  IMG_3071

That’s it for now. Time for more knitting! … or build houses on Sims 2.

Stariel was here!

August 26, 2008

I still can’t believe it! Ariel was here!

She made a pit stop at Champaign in the midst of her cross-country move, from Boston to Seattle. She arrived here late afternoon yesterday and left way too soon, in early afternoon.

It’s just so surreal to actually meet her for the first time. I mean, it didn’t feel strange at all – but then again, we’ve known each other for quite a while now ๐Ÿ™‚ And along with Ariel, I also got to meet her lovely mom and her two darling kitties, Pan and Java.

Last night, we took a little walk to downtown Champaign, and had some fabulous Thai food, while Chris was kittysitting the cats (though I think it was more like the cats were babysitting him). Then followed by wee bit of playing Rockband and (embrace yourself…) posting on Plurk, while sitting next to each other! How dorky are we?!

And today, we went for a little walk to main quad on campus, got some coffee, then a light lunch, before they had to leave.

But.. not before some mandatory pictures. But of course!

Here is a picture of us, and our twin socks. I know, we look pretty silly (at least I know I do).


And here’s Pan. I made many attempts but this is the only one where he’s actually looking at the camera and is not blurry. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture of Java ๐Ÿ™


It’s so sad that she only stayed for one night, but I’m surely glad that she stopped by!

But I’m pretty sure this will not be the only time, just the first time I get to spend fabulous time with her. I just now have to make a plan to go visit her in Seattle once she all settles in, and hopefully soon ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’ve been sort of missing for a while…

June 15, 2008

I haven’t been knitting, or doing much for oh almost a month and counting by now. But I thought I’d drop by and say few things.

First of all, I’m super excited about my dear friend Ariel‘s sock designs. There are two designs of hers featured on How to Knit in the Woods, the new book by Shannon Okey. In fact, one of the pairs that I was test knitting for Ariel ended up being photographed in the book as well. How exciting!

IMG_2839   IMG_2838
Now, if I can only find the book. I haven’t been able to find them locally, maybe I need to get it ordered online.

Next in agenda – I’ve been watching awful a lot of The Office lately (yes, the NBC version with Steve Carell). While visiting her in DC, Chris’s sister sort of got me started watching them, and now I can’t stop.

Let see, what else…. OH, the next project I’m *thinking* about doing is maybe Sahara. And maybe using Cotton Silk Aran from the most fabulous Jen. I think I may have just enough to make one in short sleeve. Unfortunately the yarn is discontinued so either I have to make it work or not. But I think I should have enough to get by.

So far by my to-knit list for this upcoming Christmas: Lucy in the Sky cardigan for Lauren, Slipped Hours pullover (Ravelry Link) for Cyndi. I have no idea what else quite yet.

Time for bed now.

Oh the places we sort of went, pt 2

May 16, 2008

So the plan was to maybe keep up with posting while I was in DC, but we all know it did not work at all. Anyway, so we came home on Saturday – the weather was slightly gloomy and was sprinkling as we were leaving Maryland, then as soon as we got out of MD it started to clear up pretty much all the way… until we hit Indianapolis, it started to really rain then by the time we got home it really poured down hard. Yes, welcome home. In fact, it’s been kinda cold, rainy and stuff all week since.

So anyway… let see… what did I do while I was in DC area since the last post…

On Wednesday, we got to walk around National Mall. In fact, I think that was the best “tourist” thing we did the whole time. It was really nice outside and it was fun seeing stuff. We saw Washington Monument, saw the gigantic “National” duck pond, aka the Reflecting Pool, we got to say “‘sup?” to the homeboy (Lincoln Memorial), and of course, amongst all, tourist groups in matching colored shirts – and my my my, there were a lot of them. Oh and eventually we saw The White House, outside the fenced area, like monkeys. Oh and at World War I Memorial – it was funny how you could totally guess where these people were from, because pretty much everyone was standing right front of the pole with the (what’s assumed as their home) state and taking pictures. Ha.

IMG_2686  IMG_2676

And also on Wednesday, we went to Natural History Museum, saw the gems, including Hope Diamond. When we first walked into the exhibit, I had no idea where it was. I just saw this big group of ladies and young girls circling around for no reason. Then I put two and two together and figured out that’s where it was. Hah. Actually Hope Diamond wasn’t all that exciting, though the rest of the gem exhibit was cool though. While we were in Natural History, Chris really wanted to take me to the live butterfly thing. Good thing that it wasn’t free – I’m glad that we weren’t there on Tuesday because it would’ve been free and I would’ve been dragged into the room of horror, filled with butterflies. (I hate butterflies… and no I am not kidding)

On Thursday, again, we did the tourist things and went to Art Galleries, and briefly walked through American Indian Museum. And I met Robyn, aka Mickey from Knittychat. And I took a picture of us to “prove” that it really did happen.


Friday, we went to Stitch DC and met Anne Marie aka Roxy!


It was very cool to get meet the gals – it’s surely nice to put the faces on the names I only see in text. Hah.

And we came home on Saturday. Long, butt numbing car ride.

And.. it’s time for bed for me now. Coming up on next post (whenever it may be): my overall thought on trip. Why? Because I feel like it.

… and I miss Coco dearly. Pretty little kitty, now a fish-killer.


Oh the places we sort of went, pt 1

May 7, 2008

So we arrived in the middle of night on Sunday. It was a long drive. Up to Columbus, OH, everything basically is as flat as they can be, not any different from driving anywhere in Illinois. Then past Columbus, oh my, hills and curves, up and down and side to side.

One interesting thing I remember when we crossed West Virginia (first time), it took us 12 minutes. Hah.

On Monday, we didn’t do much. We went to the Zoo for a quick walk late afternoon/early evening. We caught a glimpse of Giant Pandas, and that was about it. And oh boy, they were as exciting as I expected. They were either sleeping or eating. Hah. I don’t have any pictures from it though. Maybe we’ll go back, maybe we won’t.

Yesterday, we went to the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum, and National Air and Space Museum.

IMG_2653  IMG_2654

So far, I’d say our highlight of the trip has been Katie’s new cat, Coco. She’s such a good little kitty, so friendly. And she has decided that I make an excellent cat bed.


… to be continued.