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Cecilia, again!

December 18, 2013

An oldie but goodie, Cecilia now available for purchase directly from me!


Purple Cardigan

November 5, 2013

Hooray for finished knitting! Purple cardigan (aka, Cocoa’s Rug) is finished.

Purple Cardigan

Yes, it’s purple (I know I say I don’t really like purple, but for some odd reason, I end up with a lot of purple stuff – weird).

Yarn is from Ariel from eons ago – Christopher Sheep Farm Two Ply (I’m almost certain). I wanted something with positive ease – basically something easy to wear for warmth. And boy it is super warm. I can’t say that I am a huge fan of the yarn itself though, it was rather rough to knit with, but I think it will wear just fine.

Pockets were last minute addition – 2 people told me “yes pockets” 1 person said “no pockets” – I’m not sure if the pockets added much for the “look” (it’s possible that the cardi could have looked more “refined” without the pockets), but at the end of the day, I am very happy that I decided to go with pockets. *note to self: pockets should be planned instead of adding on later.

Oh another thing – I always think that I like seamed sweater vs seamless (I think they’re overall better structured than seamless sweaters). But working on this cardigan was a terrible reminder of how much I dislike seaming. It’s rather labor intensive. So I’m still in love/hate relationship with seamed sweaters – true story!

… then I started something new. A pair of socks.


I don’t know how I was able to not knit for past few years. Seriously, I feel like I never stopped knitting. 🙂

Back to knitting and such

October 29, 2013

Guess who has two thumbs and is back on the knitting-wagon again?  That, would be me.

Cardigan in progress

Cardigan in progress

So far, it kinda looks like… well, something for Cocoa to lay on. Actually, these pictures were taken last week, so there is a bit more progress but I haven’t had a chance (or desire) to take more pictures – because we all know, it’s nearly impossible to take a cat-free picture if I had to set something on the floor.

Honestly, I’m not sure who’s happier about me starting to knit again – me or the cat. Cocoa has been observing me ever-so-carefully whenever I try to knit. But she’s been a very good girl so far. Though she’s been laying “on stuff”, she hasn’t tried to chew on the yarn (quite yet).

I’m a sucker

December 8, 2010

I told myself no Christmas knitting this year.

Well.. that almost lasted. As of this fateful past Sunday, I decided, well, I guess I should knit something after all. What a (not-so) life altering decision that is.

So on late Sunday evening, we ventured out to the ‘burbs to grab few skeins of yarn from Michael’s and my mis-adventure began.


It’s a center out baby blanket. I do normally prefer blankets in rectangular shape, but well, I figured this would be easier (just knit in the round, all right sides). Then I realized a huge flaw in this method of knitting – progress of the knitting seems to appear slower as it grows larger. Yes, I know it’s not technically true but it just “seems” slower.

Hopefully I get to finish this within next couple of days. Then onto a pair of convertible gloves (you know, the flip mitten top, with fingerless gloves – WITH fingers) and a matching hat.

I’m not sure why I talked myself into doing it all – especially with twenty days to spare (actually slightly less, since they all need to be finished AND wrapped up before Christmas eve). What can I say – I’m a sucker.

Gazpacho in room temperature

August 10, 2010

… and it comes in a mowl*.


* One may ask, “wtf is a mowl?” – it means mug + bowl. I thought it sounded better than the other way (b + ug).

I would be a liar if I said I love these socks. But honestly, doesn’t really matter – they’re socks. They go on my feet. That itself makes me happy. (That and we all know I just prefer solid color yarns. Well, you may not know, but I do)

And this is what they look like “on feet”.


For your useless information, yarn used was Soft Sock Yarn by Sunshine Yarn, in “Fresh” colorway. They were hand-me-downs from Ariel because she’s super awesome and she sends me yarns. Hah! I do believe this particular yarn base is no longer available from Sunshine Yarns. Oh and needles – used US 1 (2.25mm) Addi Lace – I love the fact that they now make 2.25mm needles, even though my go-to sock needles are still 2.5mm (US 1.5).

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