Gazpacho in room temperature

August 10, 2010

… and it comes in a mowl*.


* One may ask, “wtf is a mowl?” – it means mug + bowl. I thought it sounded better than the other way (b + ug).

I would be a liar if I said I love these socks. But honestly, doesn’t really matter – they’re socks. They go on my feet. That itself makes me happy. (That and we all know I just prefer solid color yarns. Well, you may not know, but I do)

And this is what they look like “on feet”.


For your useless information, yarn used was Soft Sock Yarn by Sunshine Yarn, in “Fresh” colorway. They were hand-me-downs from Ariel because she’s super awesome and she sends me yarns. Hah! I do believe this particular yarn base is no longer available from Sunshine Yarns. Oh and needles – used US 1 (2.25mm) Addi Lace – I love the fact that they now make 2.25mm needles, even though my go-to sock needles are still 2.5mm (US 1.5).

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  1. Ariel    

    The “mowl” is also from me! 😛

    I think they turned out really cute!

  2. MJ    

    Yes of course!

    You’re the “provider” of all I need for “Gazpacho socks” and the “mowl” to serve them in!

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