Hello Lucy (in the sky)

April 20, 2008

Finally, finished picture of Lucy in the Sky. Oh yes, I even sewn the buttons on!

IMG_2601  IMG_2599

I used Cascade 220 Superwash, knitted in size 7 needles (yes, I knit pretty tight). Overall, I’m pretty happy with the result. As for the back of the neckband border, instead of knitting the border and sewing it on as the pattern stated, I just knitted it on. In fact, I wanted to continue on those fancy chain detail from ssk/k2tog so I bound the back of the body kinda half way one way, and the other half from other direction to create mirror image, then picked up the stitches from both direction and sew them up in the middle. Ok, so the sewing job is pretty wonky but I don’t mind it.

IMG_2602  IMG_2603

And I even used smaller button as backing, hoping that helps the fabric pulling too much.

.. oh how much I dislike sewing the buttons on. But I think it turned out pretty well. I like the buttons I chose – nothing fancy but I tried to get something that could potentially just blend in. And I think that works quite well with the simplicity of the cardigan itself. I should just pat on my own shoulder for job done 😛

Now I’m empty handed – no real projects in progress.

On totally unrelated news, there was earthquake in Illinois on Friday morning about at 5 AM. I, of course, slept through it. Supposedly there was one around 10 in the morning too, that one I didn’t feel either.

And yet again another unrelated topic – Chris and I have decided to take a wee trip to DC, to visit his sister. We’ll be going there in early May. No specific plans as of yet other than the fact that we are going and we’re totally unprepared. This was a sudden decision, I’m not sure if I’m at all ready for it, but the idea of going somewhere itself is very exciting! Woohoo!

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  1. I love that sweater. As for the next one…cotton-ease might be the best bet I’m just not sure how it will do in pop factor. Sorry I missed you the other day…I was watching a movie on here and the window didn’t pop through.

  2. amanda

    Sweater is super cute!!

    So – when are you coming down here?? Hmmm?

  3. WOW! Lucy looks perfect! It fits so beautifully—I bet no one will even ask if it’s handknit! 🙂 I like that little button backing trick…how’s it holding up?

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