April 1, 2010

Hey look – new layout.

I think it’s pretty functional at this point. Or that’s my excuse for calling it “done” for now. I must admit, I felt a bit rusty with css attributes and syntax – it’s probably it’s been years since I wrote a full-blow style sheet (and time has changed some things around! hah). Either that, or I never really knew how to properly do things before. Nontheless, it is done – but I’m sure if I were to “validate” css, it will bring me some error, or at very least, some warnings. But all and all, it’s “working”.

As for the knitting-front, I don’t have much to show. Well, since the last post (… which was last September, so it has been few months), I did finish manage to do few things here and there, and all the WIP’s from even “years ago” are finished. But honestly at the moment, I’m not really in the mood to knit. For about a month+ or so, I really haven’t been knitting. And surprisingly, I’m “ok” with it.

Oh what else is new…

Oh my old old old cell phone died on me. On my birthday nontheless. By “dead” I meant it stopped picking up signal. If a phone won’t receive a signal, well, that’s “death” of a phone. So I got me a new phone. I really like my new pre, but well, I do miss having a tiny green phone. Oh well, time for something new, and it was absolutely out of necessity.

Speaking of my birthday, my intention was to release another free pattern on my birthday, like I have done in past couple of years, but this year, I skipped out. The excuse? Well, pattern itself is done and finished, but I do not have proper pictures to show for it! Funny stuff. Maybe sometime later.

And Cocoa is still being awesome as always.

And lately, I’m trying my absolute best to actually “cook” proper meals for dinner (almost) everyday. I want to make new (to us) things and make Chris try – I think that may be the only way to get Chris to eat different things. But I’m also aware this is easier to be said than done. All I can do is really “try”.

Oh and happy April Fool’s Day, as if it’s a holiday.

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