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August 21, 2007

Oh I really haven’t been doing much lately – definitely no knitting for oh, almost a week now, if not more.

I did manage to make a bag though.

Yeah, you can totally see me holding on to the remote to my camera. And here are rest of my dorky self-photo session.
IMG_2117 IMG_2115 IMG_2114 IMG_2109
I like the way it turned out. Well, after all, it’s exactly same bag as for the one I made for Andrea a while ago. The only (and major) difference is that this has a magnetic snap closure rather than d rings – which I think is more substantial and usable!
And… I am working on making more of those sock pouch/bag things. It’s going pretty slowly but steady.

On that note, I think this may be time for bed. You know, it’s only 3 AM already 😀

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  1. Amanda

    That is AWESOME. I love the fabric. I love the shape. I love the lining. You are so crafty! 🙂

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