Now that long Halloween is finally over…

November 9, 2007

Hooray for November. No more insane hours at work. Hooray for return of sanity (well, almost).

I didn’t exactly do whole lot since the last post. In fact, the pink stripey (supposedly a stashbuster) is on indefinite hold due to shortage of yarn – yes, so the stashbusting idea totally backfired. I did start on another pair of socks though – started a pair of Dublin Bay with my insane lime-salmon J-Knits from the stash.


Let see, what else have I done in October…. Ah, I did manage to make a wee chef coat for one of my coworker’s little boy. I wish I could’ve taken better pictures but.. he just learned to walk not too long ago and now he’s running around everywhere and super fast! He’s making Speedy Gonzalez look like Regular Gonzalez! (Thank you Futurama)

IMG_2265 IMG_2269

Oh and have I mentioned that this is super image-heavy post?

And before I go, I need to give big hugs, wet kisses, and endless thank you to Ariel and Tania for insanely generous gifts! Tania sent me a breathtakingly gorgeous skein of Brooks Farm Acero, and Ariel sent me a skein of STR Lightweight (now I guess I’ll know what it is that makes STR as addicting as crack) and a very batty sock bag. Thank you, thank you, thank you girls!



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  1. That brooks farm is totally gorgeous.

  2. Yay, you’re back!

    Tania enabled me into some Brooks Farm yarn while she was looking for yours. I love it :)

  3. That is one adorable kid!

  4. I love image filled posts!

    Ooooh I was eyeing the STR in that colorway a couple of days ago. So jealous. :)

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