Oh the big plans that went nowhere

April 10, 2007

IMG_1812So I made this grand plan to go to post office. All the stuff I’ve accumulated over the course of at least couple of months, all gathered up, packed, and ready to go. But now that Chris’s sick, unfortunately, they all have to wait for next week, whenever I get a day off. It’s kinda unfortunate and sad.

There are total of 5 packages and 1 card. Granted, that one card can and will be sent out tomorrow, take it to work, but the rest has to be weighted so another week of waiting. I’m kinda frustrated. Oh just another sappy moments in car-less life.

On the bright side, I got my hands on Favorite Socks book. There are at least couple of them right off the bat I want to make. And Bean was right – I do want to make the sock on the cover! The other one is Embossed Leaves.


Hopefully the variegation of the yarn isn’t too distracting for the lacework. And no, I still haven’t worked anything on the sweater I’ve been planning.


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  1. Hi! I got your comment over at my blog, and yes, my dad does teach US history (well, he did, he retired last year). I graduated 3 years before my sister, so I guess I was a senior when you were a freshman. Thanks for leaving a comment!

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