Happy Cocoa-versary!

April 19, 2010

It’s been a year already since the first day little Cocoa Kitty Butt came to live with us!


Well, technically today marks one year for the day Cocoa came for “visiting”/cat-sitting. But doesn’t really matter because after staying with us for 3 weeks (though originally meant to be only for 2 wks), she went “home” for five days before she “permanantly” moved in. Close enough. So.. yes, I count today as the anniversary. Hooray for little Cocoa!

I’m still very much smitten with my mitten kitten.

Gray pullover continues to grow

April 12, 2010

So the body of the sweater is done. Still need to work on the sleeves and collar, but hey, at least this is significant progress.

Actually, most of the knitting was done yesterday. It was absolutely gorgeous outside yesterday but I sat home and knit instead. Actually, that’s not completely true because I did take a little walk outside, but yes, mostly I just sat home and knit.

So this afternoon, I figured, hey I should start take a picture of the sweater-in-progress before I start working on it again. So I laid the sweater on the ground turned around to grab my camera, then there she was. Cocoa has decided to invade my “photo-session”.


I tried to get her to move. That totally did NOT work at all. I tried to take pictures of my sweater, instead, I end up taking tons of pictures of the cat while she was sitting on it. Whatever, I give up. I guess this is the “price” of being a cat owner. I get it now – people told me that if you have a cat, the cat will take over your life. Totally get it. I mean, after all, I only woke up because she said “hey you, it’s breakfast time”. Whatever.

So anyways, here’s sort of up-close shot of the stitch detail. Of course, with Cocoa’s little mitten paw.


So anyways, it’s a bit cold(er than yesterday) today. Cocoa has been super clingy today, even more so than usual – she’s been sitting on my lap all day (well, other than while she was sitting on the sweater for the pictures). Isn’t that sad all I want to do, is just to crawl back to bed?

Anyways, back to the topic of sweater knitting, my main concern for the moment is yardage. I’m using LB Wool-Ease and I thought I had 5 skeins of this gray, but turns out I only have 4. Now I’m down to approximately a skein and half, and I don’t know if I have quite enough. I’m crossing my fingers I do. I suppose the worst case scenario would be having a 3/4 sleeves instead of full, long sleeve like I wanted to. And/or go out and buy an extra skein (which who knows when that’s going to happen) and use that for the collar and sleeve cuffs – not super concerned about dyelot for those. I should have double checked to make sure I indeed had 5 skeins. Yikes.

Back to sweater knitting or something something

April 9, 2010

So I started to knit again. Seemingly it’s getting a bit late for a sweater, but since this week so far has been almost back to winter-like weather, I guess it’s not too weird after all.


It’s still at very “beginning” stage, so there isn’t much to look at. I started it on like, Tuesday (and now it’s Friday today) but what you see in the picture is about only a day worth of knitting. I started and gotten pretty far on the first day, then I haven’t done much since. I sort of blame it on the weather – gloomy weather isn’t so motivating.

There isn’t much to talk about at the moment, since you know, there isn’t much there to begin with. More juicy details on the sweater to come with further progress, and when my eyes aren’t so tired. I was fine even 5 minutes ago but suddenly my eyes feel tired (and I don’t mean “feeling sleepy”). It’s kinda weird to describe it, but really, that’s what it is – they’re just “tired”.

So yeah.


April 1, 2010

Hey look – new layout.

I think it’s pretty functional at this point. Or that’s my excuse for calling it “done” for now. I must admit, I felt a bit rusty with css attributes and syntax – it’s probably it’s been years since I wrote a full-blow style sheet (and time has changed some things around! hah). Either that, or I never really knew how to properly do things before. Nontheless, it is done – but I’m sure if I were to “validate” css, it will bring me some error, or at very least, some warnings. But all and all, it’s “working”.

As for the knitting-front, I don’t have much to show. Well, since the last post (… which was last September, so it has been few months), I did finish manage to do few things here and there, and all the WIP’s from even “years ago” are finished. But honestly at the moment, I’m not really in the mood to knit. For about a month+ or so, I really haven’t been knitting. And surprisingly, I’m “ok” with it.

Oh what else is new…

Oh my old old old cell phone died on me. On my birthday nontheless. By “dead” I meant it stopped picking up signal. If a phone won’t receive a signal, well, that’s “death” of a phone. So I got me a new phone. I really like my new pre, but well, I do miss having a tiny green phone. Oh well, time for something new, and it was absolutely out of necessity.

Speaking of my birthday, my intention was to release another free pattern on my birthday, like I have done in past couple of years, but this year, I skipped out. The excuse? Well, pattern itself is done and finished, but I do not have proper pictures to show for it! Funny stuff. Maybe sometime later.

And Cocoa is still being awesome as always.

And lately, I’m trying my absolute best to actually “cook” proper meals for dinner (almost) everyday. I want to make new (to us) things and make Chris try – I think that may be the only way to get Chris to eat different things. But I’m also aware this is easier to be said than done. All I can do is really “try”.

Oh and happy April Fool’s Day, as if it’s a holiday.

Blah blah blah

September 18, 2009

Whether it’s because I’m lazy or because of my lack of motivation (I do vote for the latter), not much knitting lately. Though that’s not saying I haven’t worked on anything at all since the last post. So, anyhow, here is brief (according to my definition, not yours) recap of what went on since the last post, of course, not in any particular order.

Chris is an old fart. His birthday was September 9th – if you like to wish him a happy (belated) birthday, please feel free.

Cocoa found herself a new toy, playhouse, and cat bed. All in one.


(in case if you couldn’t guess, that’s a grocery bag)

Tania and I actually met in person. She is absolutely adorable and awesome – all mixed in one! Don’t believe me? Here is an evidentiary proof.


She happened to be in Madison for a wedding – and was nice enough to take some time to see us. Totally worth 2 hr drive 🙂 And yes, I also got to meet Mr. Tania as well. I almost felt bad that maybe he was nearly bored to death – totally didn’t help that Chris isn’t much of a social butterfly either. Oh well. “Boys” will live.

Couponing has been kinda exciting. Well, at least it did last week. I spent about $40 at grocery store – mostly I bought cheese. I cannot recall exactly what I bought, but here is the brief list: 18 Kraft Parmasan shakers (yes, those powdery cheese in plastic shakers with green top), 9 or so of block cheese (actually they call them “chunks” but whatever), 9 boxes of pasta, a bag of flour tortilla, Klondike bar, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of tomato sauce, a bag of shred cheese, rinse agent for dishwasher, among some other things I don’t care to remember. I still can’t believe I spent nearly $40 on “mostly” cheese. But the sad part is, we will eat the all.. and probably pretty soon.

I have been knitting (like I said), just not as much as I used to. I finished those bright yellow pair of Polly Jean, and started on a pair of Twist and Turn socks, which is meant to be yet another twin socks with Ariel. FYI, yarns used: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock (in Sunshine, for Polly Jean), and Shibui Sock (in Sky, for Twist & Turn).

IMG_0863  IMG_0829

I’m still learning something new about Cocoa, and/or cats in general. It is very hard to take a picture of my knitting without part(s) of Cocoa somewhere in the frame. However, it is as hard, if not even harder, to take a picture of Cocoa. She always seems to have a same pose/expression, either by annoyance or curiosity. That is, if I’m lucky to get any shots where she’s not super blurry. Half the time, all I get is a blur of a cat.

On the contrary to what I said above about the cat liking the grocery bag.. I still think her favorite nap spot is my lap. Especially when I’m trying to do something.

Maybe I should go back to school as a philosophy major, and write a thesis called “Philosophy according to Cocoa: What I learned from and about my cat and cats in general”. Actually I take it back – I should just write a book instead.

I have some design ideas. I have had few going on for a long long time. And I also realize, patterns don’t write themselves.

I believe (in my delusional mind) I am (or can try to be) a fairly capable designer. A pattern writer, I am not. In fact, writing of any sorts is not quite my forte. Guess I can’t write that philosophy book after all.

I think I’m addicted to facebook games. Actually, Restaurant City in particular. I’ve been obsessing over it for few days now because it takes forever to level up. To be honest, I haven’t been really “playing” it, rather, have it open and let it run while I do everything else, or nothing. Since my laptop is almost ancient and doesn’t really like to run any flash-based stuff for more than 5 minutes at a time, I just let it run on the desktop, as long as Chris is not on it.

I don’t think either of my “children” can survive without me. Both Chris and Cocoa is helpless when it comes to feeding themselves. They both look at me with sad puppy eyes. Please note that neither of them are dogs. Can someone please remind them?

Speaking of which, I think it’s time to feed the non-human child of mine.

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