This one may be a long one.

March 26, 2008

I may have been procrastinating but not terribly lost. I’ve been actually working on few things here and there, just not too much to talk about, hence the silence.

In reference to previous post, about my possible plot for world domination: sample socks are finished, and I’m finally getting myself around trying to write out the pattern and finalizing the chart so they seem somewhat coherent. The original goal was to have the pattern ready by end of March, but we’ll see. And look, sneak preview!

sockie  sockie  sockie

The name is still undecided, but the better pictures and pattern (and the name of course) are coming soon-ish.

And now for my other in-progress projects.

IMG_2544  IMG_2543

Waving Lace socks are still in progress. I only happen to have one set of needles in size 1.5 (2.5mm) and I had to “borrow” it for the yet-to-be-named sample socks. So sadly, it had to be in back burner until those were done. And now that I started it back up, I’m hoping to get it done by end of the month.

And I just cast on for Lucy in the Sky last night, and got few rows done before bed. I really meant to have it started earlier but.. well, here it goes now. I think if I hurry enough I should be able to wear it at least once or so before it gets too warm outside. My first attempt at swatching was in fact last week sometime – started with size 6 (4mm) as recommended. And it turned out painfully too tight. Yes, I knit tight. I was about half a stitch over for every inch! That’s quite a difference! So I had to make a quick run over to the yarn store and had to buy size 7 (4.5mm) needles. I’m still about a bit less half a stitch over every 2 inches, but that’s a lot more forgivable. At least I can “rely” on stitches being relaxed, plus, with my lack of boobs I think it will fit just fine. I think if I were to go up another needle size, say size 8 (5mm) I probably would’ve been right on gauge, but the fabric would’ve been too loose and would probably stretch more and probably will become less than desirable fitting – or at least that’s my excuse anyway.

And… now for the yarny news.

First, I would like to thank Ariel for all these insane amount of sock yarn!


With those, now we will (eventually) have 8 pairs of twin socks. Insane! I know, we really have to get them cranking now.

And last week, I received lovely hand dyed yarn from Sanguine Gryphon. I got these with an intention of making a sweater for Chris’s mom for this upcoming Christmas.

IMG_2542  IMG_2540

Ok, I think that pretty much sums up everything that happened throughout March. There isn’t much plan for this weekend other than trying to work on Lucy cardi, and maybe finishing up the socks. It will be kinda lonely this week – Chris will be in Memphis this weekend, leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. I’ll have to survive without him and my laptop for few days. I’d say, well, I’ll miss the laptop but I have couple other computers to go to, I just have to “relocate” myself over to the computer room… but I don’t think I can find a temporary substitute for Chris. Now, who else am I going to have to annoy and bug?

… bah.

What possibly could be my secret plan to take over the world

March 5, 2008

I thought I’d mention that I’m currently working on a secret plan to take over the world to design a pair of socks. I’m hoping all is coherent and up and ready to go before the end of the month.

Ariel and I are about to cast on for the sample/test knit pair. Exciting! And it will be pink!

IMG_2517  IMG_2518

And on the non-world-invasion-related news, hat for Andrea is done and it’s already sent out to her on Monday. I really hope she got it by now, because I think it would be FIERCE if she could wear it during the finale of Project Runway! Yes, I said “fierce”. Hardy har har har.

I procrastinated (as usual) and didn’t get a chance to take a good picture of the hat, but I managed to sneak in a quick shot before I was running out the door.


I still think my styrofoam head guy needs a name….

You make my day!

February 18, 2008

So, Ariel said I made her day!

I’ve never been tagged by stuff like this 🙂 perhaps because I’m don’t post often, and more than that, I’m a lurker and not a commenter. But hey, there’s first for everything, right?

So, here goes my list of (knit)bloggers who make my day:

  • Ariel, of course. Because she inspired me to start knit socks (at first), and she makes me want to knit more and more and more. And she let’s me test knit her fancy patterns. And because she’s just all around amazing person. Because she remembers high school days like I do (we’re about same age and graduated high school about at the same time). So I never actually “met” her in person, but she’s definitely a “friend” and not just an online aquaintance.
  • Jenna is a talented knitter and an amazing jewelry designer. I came across her work through flickr (or is that she found me first, but doesn’t matter), and I fell in love with her amazing work! Her taste level is amazing and it shows in everything she makes, from sweaters she knits to all the amazing jewelry she makes!
  • Jen is always a delight to talk to. And I admire her stash. And she always tempts me with gorgeous yarn on sale. And she’s just a well-around super fabulous person.
  • Kelly and I have been online friends for a long time now. And now we share the common obsession over knitting. And she’s an amazing photographer, have I mention that yet?
  • And the ladies over at House of Wool Repute. They are all amazing. And they need to blog more!
  • Hi Amanda! I want your sock yarns!
  • Ysolda is simply amazing. I love her all around craftiness.
  • Anne Marie is super awesome. That’s all there is to be said.
  • Pam always have pretty yarn pictures. I want her stash. She knits up gorgeous stuff. I want to knit like her.
  • Theresa is yet another long time online friend of mine since the days of personal blog…. years ago. And we kinda lost being in touch for few years, then one day when we found each other again, who knew, we’re both knitters! Now, that’s pretty awesome or what.

Ok, that lists ten (though I cheated crammed everyone at House of Wool Repute into one). Hi Tania, Bean, Theresa, Maryann, M12, and everyone else!

As for another amusement, did you know that they make Chocolate Skittles?

IMG_2466  IMG_2467

I didn’t know either, until I went grocery shopping yesterday. I saw it at checkout lane, and I had to buy it to satisfy my curiosity (I’m such a sucker for new candies and mints). Verdict? It’s a-okay. Not great, but not terrible either.

As for what does not make my day:


Andrea’s hat is almost done. It’s simple stockinette, striped earflap hat. It’s basically all done… except pom poms. I love pom poms. I hate making them. Now all there is, is to make couple of pompoms and add it onto the hat. I really shouldn’t be procrastinating but.. I am being Patty Procrastinator. I can’t help it.

And… (Black)hearted socks are done. I just haven’t gotten a chance to take a picture of it yet. I haven’t really seen the sunlight lately – it’s either because in the morning, I have to get ready for work half asleep, or when I get off work, it’s no longer light out. That, and on my days off (namely yesterday), it’s been pretty dark and gloomy all day, there wasn’t enough light inside the apartment! Shame! But anyway, it’s done nonetheless. Hooray!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s day!

And I would love to proudly announce Ariel‘s brand new sock pattern called (Black)hearted! And here’s my test/sample knit contribution.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish a pair in time for release of the pattern, however, I did manage to at least finish one sock for the picture.

Please visit her and tell her how fabulous her new sock pattern is! And while at it, make some socks!

Socks, a puppy, and a box of chocolate

February 12, 2008

I’m extremely happy to say that I no longer have 3-digit number fever.

Since my birthday, it wasn’t the best situations for me to get by. The weather got really bad, we went through winter storm warning, then Chris got sick. Then I got sick. But finally, I’m glad to say that both Chris and I are feeling much much better. No more above 100 degree fever.

Anyhow, as for knitting, the only thing I’m working on is a sample/test knitting pair of socks for Ariel‘s super secret valentine’s day project. I kinda got a late start on it – at first, waiting for yarn to arrive, then because I got sock. But as always, better late than never.

As for something silly, I got a puppy for birthday.


Yeah, so it’s not a real doggy, but well, it’s funny. Courtesy of Chris’s sister. Thank you Katie. It walks and it barks.

And as for something sweet, when I got home from work yesterday, Chris was waiting for me with a box of chocolate from Ruben’s, for no reason what so ever.


I know. What a sweetheart.

(.. that concludes this semi pointless post)

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