This is how I went the wrong way and got back on track

December 5, 2007

I thought I’d share a tale of triumph.

So, the blanket I’ve been working on for past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying very hard to stay on track. Little by little, I’ve been working on it everyday and the progress was slow by steady. I was pretty content with the progress….

Then I discovered. One itty bitty cable, crossed wrong way, about (wee less than) 100 rows down.

IMG_2355  IMG_2356

I was pretty ticked off. If it was only few rows down, I was going to just unravel and redo them, but it was way too far down for me to undo past couple of days worth of work. So I decided to maybe ignore and leave it as a “design feature”. I even showed it to Chris, and he and I agreed that no one probably would notice. But more and more I thought about it more upset I got. I basically sat there, just debating on what to do.

And at a point, I decided to be brave and unravel just that section, and rework it.

IMG_2357  IMG_2358

And with patience I don’t have, I managed to fix it. And now we’re finally back on track.


Oh yes I did.

Veni, vidi, vici, motherfuckers*.

(*ps – ok, that was super corny)

All Rusted Root-ed out

November 28, 2007

Rusted Root was in fact all finished in time before Thanksgiving, as planned. In fact, I finished it on Sunday night (or Monday morning, if you’d rather call it that). But I didn’t really take the completely finished and worn garment until… today. So here goes:

IMG_2347 IMG_2349
Now for some un-fun afterthoughts:

  • I used Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple which I really liked. Thank you Tania for picking that out for me. And I really enjoyed using the yarn. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about knitting a whole garment with cotton, but surprisingly it was not terribly bad to knit with and it feels pretty fine to wear against the skin. I didn’t realize until I was done with second skein that the yarn was in fact seconds and did not have dyelot on them and each skein differ in color (it wasn’t until it was all knit up that this became noticeable to me) but honestly, I don’t think it looks bad at all. One of the skeins (I think the second one) has more yellow/orange tint to it compared to the other two skeins used. But at the end, I noticed but I don’t think anyone else really did.
  • I got to try out Suzanne’s ebony circular. I really liked the needle itself, however, not so fond on the joints – especially with slightly splitty yarn like Cotton Fleece, it would sometimes get caught which did slow me down a little bit, but the annoyance was at tolerable level, so it’s all good.
  • As for the pattern – it’s an adorable sweater, I’ve wanted to make it ever since I saw it for the first time. However, I don’t think it was necessarily the best pattern for me. Structure and fit-wise, it felt more like it was made for more petite shaped body than.. say, me. Granted, I am pretty small built (relatively speaking) but the shoulder and fit of the armhole was a bit of issue for me – I do have somewhat broad(er) shoulder and big forearm for someone my size and they fit pretty snug (I mean tight, really). And puffy sleeves? That totally didn’t happen either – but then again, I’d look ridiculous with them anyway (big shoulders + puffy sleeves = icky icky). I suppose I could have gone up a size but that would’ve made the garment fit too loose around the chest (that’s even if I decreased more) since I don’t have much of boobs. Maybe if I had to do it again I’d cast on few more stitches in arms only. I don’t see myself knitting it again anytime soon though, if not ever.
  • I made this sweater because it was totally adorable… but… I probably won’t ever knit a short sleeve sweater again. It’s too cold. (but it was too cute)
  • Remembered why I think seamless sweaters are awesome. It’s superfast!
  • When you give yourself a deadline for something, you’re more easily exposed to distractions. I found myself playing hours of FreeCell instead of knitting, or watching stupid movies (namely Idiocracy), or watching same movie twice in a row just because it’s on (namely The Departed, or find some reason(s) to go grocery shopping on daily basis, etc.
  • … and it’s always painful to know that the garment that you made for yourself fits someone else better than you. The sweater fits perfect on one of my coworkers… and I was pretty tempted to give it away except, I rather not.

As for other knitting business, I started on my (possibly) one and only knitted Christmas gift this year.

The strangely sadistic last-minute-hectic knitter in me have once again decided on making a throw for Bruce (though, I think I have mentioned this in previous post).. and I started on it on just this past Monday. I have no idea how long it’s going to take me to finish it, nor that I have any idea how long I want it to be. I just decided to knit it and keep going until I run out of time, run out of yarn, or finally decide on when it’s long “enough”. And I decided to document the “monumental” stages – basically taking a picture of it as I’m done with each skein of yarn. I think Vanna’s Choice is dyelotted yarn, and I just bought bunch, not caring about the dyelot. But strangely enough everything seems a-okay. I haven’t seen any noticeable changes among the skeins, so I guess that’s a plus.

Here’s the progress after one, two, three, and four skeins.

IMG_2340 IMG_2341IMG_2342 IMG_2343

And it’s still a working progress.

Still Rusted Root-ing and stuff

November 17, 2007

I thought I’d share my work in progress in Rusted Root.

I went through 2 skeins so far, and just moved on 3rd skein.


I took loads of in-progress pictures too, in case anyone’s interested.

I think I can totally finish this this weekend and get it washed/blocked. Yeah, I’ve been knitting like a fiend.

And… for something exciting, I got some yarn. I went to Michael’s yesterday, hoping to get some yarn for a throw/blanket for Chris’s uncle for Christmas (yes I know, I’m nuts) but really not much luck. They were pretty much wiped out of few things that I really liked, pricewise and colorwise. Though I think I may have found a contender – I’m very much leaning toward Vanna’s Choice in Taupe (yeah, Vanna White!). My original plan was to do Totally Autumn from Knitty, but I scrapped the idea and decided to go for simple cable throw, close to the style of this Ralph Lauren cable blanket. If I had more time I’d love to do it in finer gauge, but to compensate for my insane last-minute frenzy, it will be knitted in bigger gauge (in relative term), and probably instead of reverse stockinette, it will be garter in between the stockinette and cable columns. I don’t know why I talk myself into doing all these insane last minute thing, but I guess that’s my style. At this point, I’m still pretty indecisive on this, so we’ll see if I’ll actually get to it or not (and whether I finish).

Anyway, so I didn’t have much luck with afghan yarn shopping, but I did get couple skeins of yarn. I got a skein of Patons SWS just to try it out (probably gonna end up being a hat), and a skein of Blue Sky Cotton from yarn store in Urbana – that was Chris’s pick, he really liked the yarn (and its color) so I thought I’d make a hat out of that for him (ok, I take it back, he passive-aggressively talked about how I never made him a hat and maybe I should make him one now – which is actually not true, but whatever). I was just tickled that he actually said he liked yarn. 😀 …. oh and I got my order from The Loopy Ewe.

IMG_2319  IMG_2325

From The Loopy Ewe, I got some Louet Gems Fingering, J-Knits Superwash-Me, and Dreams In Color Smooshy yarn. And I must give big hugs, kisses, and thanks to Jen for gift certificate and for convincing me that I need more fun sock yarn 🙂

Okay, time for me to go and pass out…

Rusted Root and stuff

November 14, 2007

It was gorgeous outside yesterday. But I came home early from work, feeling little under the weather so all I did was looking outside through the window like a sad sad puppy.

I think it was really nice outside today too, but I really don’t know for sure because I was at work. Well… it happens.

I did manage to start on a new project (way to change the subject totally randomly). Once again, Dublin Bay socks are on hold, but I started on Rusted Root.


I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Candy Apple, which was a super sweet birthday gift from Tania earlier this year. And I got to try out Suzanne’s brand ebony circular needles that I’ve had for a while. The yarn I love – it’s kinda weird. It’s like cotton (duh) so it’s a bit splitty but it’s really soft and “warm” and light unlike 100% cotton, if that makes any sense. The needles, on the other hand, I’m kinda undecided on it. The needle portion I really like. For being wood it’s pretty slick and sturdy, not like bamboo. However, I’m not so keen on the join – where the cable joins the needle, the yarn would catch, and that’s been driving me pretty nuts. Overall, it’s a-okay of needle, not my favorite, but I don’t despise it either.

And… now time to go back to knitting. I intend to finish this sweater, and block, wash, and have it ready to wear for Thanksgiving (that gives me about a week). I think I can manage it, or I’m hoping. I’m having my fingers crossed. Oh and watch TV. New season of Project Runway starts tonight. I’m not that excited about it, but hey, it’s something to watch. Oh yes, it’s sew time. 😛

Now that long Halloween is finally over…

November 9, 2007

Hooray for November. No more insane hours at work. Hooray for return of sanity (well, almost).

I didn’t exactly do whole lot since the last post. In fact, the pink stripey (supposedly a stashbuster) is on indefinite hold due to shortage of yarn – yes, so the stashbusting idea totally backfired. I did start on another pair of socks though – started a pair of Dublin Bay with my insane lime-salmon J-Knits from the stash.


Let see, what else have I done in October…. Ah, I did manage to make a wee chef coat for one of my coworker’s little boy. I wish I could’ve taken better pictures but.. he just learned to walk not too long ago and now he’s running around everywhere and super fast! He’s making Speedy Gonzalez look like Regular Gonzalez! (Thank you Futurama)

IMG_2265 IMG_2269

Oh and have I mentioned that this is super image-heavy post?

And before I go, I need to give big hugs, wet kisses, and endless thank you to Ariel and Tania for insanely generous gifts! Tania sent me a breathtakingly gorgeous skein of Brooks Farm Acero, and Ariel sent me a skein of STR Lightweight (now I guess I’ll know what it is that makes STR as addicting as crack) and a very batty sock bag. Thank you, thank you, thank you girls!



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