I’ll be better next month, I’m sure…

December 3, 2008

Oh the past two months has flown by, and didn’t even notice.

Ok, that’s a lie. I knew exactly what was going on in past few months.. I just didn’t know exactly what to do about them. Well.. it happens.

Honestly, knitting has been taking a back seat for a while. Didn’t really work on anything much, didn’t really start on anything new. I did manage to finish second Hemlock Ring blanket for Christmas gift. Actually, I finished it in October, but didn’t get to block it until right before Thanksgiving. And still no significant progress on Cyndi’s Slipped Hours pullover… In fact, (I hate to say this, but) this may not get done by Christmas. I mean, it’s not an impossible task, if I just sit down and work on it every evening, but I know it’s not going to happen.

IMG_2980  IMG_2981

And for the big announcement portion of this post: We’re moving!

When and where, one might ask. We’re moving to Milwaukee… and before the end of the year. Oh yes, it’s approaching really fast. And have I mentioned that I haven’t even started to pack yet?

So that should semi-explain why I have been out of my mind in past couple of months. Actually, October was just busy at work. Chris just accepted a job offer in early November, and we were just in Milwaukee during Thanksgiving break and found an apartment. (Another added note: this was my first time ever in Milwaukee)

Now I feel a wee bit better after finding a place to live. But still many questions going through my head. What are we going to do with our current place (the actual lease isn’t up until August), how are we going to move all our crap (very carefully?), when and what are we going to do about Christmas gift for people (money of course is an issue, but even with all the money in the world, it still doesn’t help that we have absolutely NO IDEA about gifts), how am I going to find a new job in Wisconsin?

… but I’m pretty sure I’ll feel much better once when I move and settle in. What a way to end a year…..

… yes, I’ll feel better in January. Or so I hope.

A step forward, a step back, then forward again

September 27, 2008

Oh, it’s almost that time of the year again. It’s Halloween season, by which I mean a – longer hours at work, and b – no more Sundays off (at least until November).

Oh too bad, right? I guess it’s NOT that bad. After all, this is only for a month.

So that’s that. And here’s my knitting progress (or de-progress): Slipped Hours pullover for Cyndi.

I got pretty far initially, knitting straight up from skein to skein. Then it got me worried about color variegation. So I started to alternate skeins – and it was such an obvious change that I frogged it down to hem and started back up.

IMG_2948 IMG_2946IMG_2952

And I’m now finally back to where I started. Honestly, this is the slowest knitting project for me, EVER (aside from afghans that is).

IMG_2953 IMG_2954
So that’s what I’ve been working on the entire time. For like almost a month now.

And… just because I can – here are my new pair of fancy new blue shoes (though it’s really dark navy, so on the pictures they look rather black).

IMG_2955 IMG_2956
Yes, they’re Doc Marten’s. Yes, they’re Mary Janes. Yes, they’re really blue, not black.

(… and those socks are my own design. Pattern coming soonish – like, mid November 2008. Consider yourself warned.)

Stariel was here!

August 26, 2008

I still can’t believe it! Ariel was here!

She made a pit stop at Champaign in the midst of her cross-country move, from Boston to Seattle. She arrived here late afternoon yesterday and left way too soon, in early afternoon.

It’s just so surreal to actually meet her for the first time. I mean, it didn’t feel strange at all – but then again, we’ve known each other for quite a while now ๐Ÿ™‚ And along with Ariel, I also got to meet her lovely mom and her two darling kitties, Pan and Java.

Last night, we took a little walk to downtown Champaign, and had some fabulous Thai food, while Chris was kittysitting the cats (though I think it was more like the cats were babysitting him). Then followed by wee bit of playing Rockband and (embrace yourself…) posting on Plurk, while sitting next to each other! How dorky are we?!

And today, we went for a little walk to main quad on campus, got some coffee, then a light lunch, before they had to leave.

But.. not before some mandatory pictures. But of course!

Here is a picture of us, and our twin socks. I know, we look pretty silly (at least I know I do).


And here’s Pan. I made many attempts but this is the only one where he’s actually looking at the camera and is not blurry. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a picture of Java ๐Ÿ™


It’s so sad that she only stayed for one night, but I’m surely glad that she stopped by!

But I’m pretty sure this will not be the only time, just the first time I get to spend fabulous time with her. I just now have to make a plan to go visit her in Seattle once she all settles in, and hopefully soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Liesl, among other things

August 19, 2008

First on the agenda: Liesl is finished. I actually finished knitting about 2 weeks ago, and finally got buttons on about a week ago. And I’m finally posting the pictures now! I know, I’m so up-to-date!!


Yarn used is Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran (the yarn is currently discontinued, the link is to its Ravelry page) – used 9 skeins. I used 7 mm needles (I suppose that’s equivalent to 10.75 in US size), and followed the instruction for 38 inch chest size. Because of my tight knitting, I figured, if I make one that should “technically” be larger than my size, it should accommodate accordingly – and it made sense with my swatch. In fact, according to my swatch, it should be even pretty small on me. However, I suppose gravity wins. After I attempted to “block” the finished garment, it really stretched, became way too long and bit too large. So I threw the idea of blocking it out the window. Instead, I just threw it in washer and machine dried it (not 100% but until it was pretty dry), and then it fit much better. So yeah, now I have to machine dry it for the most part, otherwise, it will be too big.

I really enjoyed the fact that it was a quick knit, but it was almost painful to weave in ends. To start with, the yarn had very short yardage, and to make it better (or worse), couple of these skeins had knots in the middle of skeins. Yeah, not so fun. But overall, yarn did create very “comfortable” fabric against the skin. That surely counts. And my huge huge huge thank you to Jen for the yarn. I’ll think about you every time I wear the cardi!

Oh and my works in progress: Told you I have joined multiple WIP trend ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_2918  IMG_2888

On the left, is my recycled sweater in the works… on size 3 needles. On the right, is twin sock with Ariel. As a matter of fact, in less than a week from today, she’ll be visiting me! Hooray!

Oh and I have decided, I want a dslr. Okay, so I’ve wanted a dslr for a long long time, but now I really want one (not that it changes the fact that I can’t quite afford one anytime soon). Though, for the purpose of “note to self”, the ones I’m considering are: Canon EOS 1000D (aka Digital Rebel XS), Canon EOS 400D (aka Digital Rebel XTi), and Nikon D60. Last night, I followed around my friend Dave while he was taking some pictures with his brand new Canon EOS 450D (Digital Rebel XSi) and made me to realize I want one even more! Anyway, that’s enough daydreaming for now. I guess it’s time for real dreams. Like, goodnight.

So, goodnight.

Catching up

July 31, 2008

It’s been a while.

I know it’s been a while when Chris (who by the way never shows any interests in this blogging business) would come up to me and ask how come I don’t blog anymore. So here goes…

A friend of mine went on a business trip to Germany in late June. He asked me if I wanted any souvenir type things, I said yarn. Half-jokingly of course. And to my surprise, he returned with this big bag of yarn. According to him, the yarn store was next to Beethoven’s home. Fancy stuff.


Some are single ply yarn for felting, some are superwash wool. Not quite enough for any major projects. And I have no idea quite what to do with them yet. With superwash stuff, maybe I’ll get some more superwash worsted weights and make a stripey sweater. According to him, some lady at the yarn store told him that about 5 balls would make a sweater… and they were about 110 yards per ball (hmm… yeah… no). But anyway, that was quite unexpected surprise (as I said, I was kinda kidding when I asked him).

Next in business, a pullover I’ve been working on and off since beginning of July. I bought this bright red tweedy cabled sweater sometime in winter from a thrift store. Unfortunately, I never took the “before” picture before I took it apart. I never quite got around unraveling them all the way. I disassembled it to pieces and put it away for a long time. And I finally got around taking it apart completely and started on top down raglan henley. The “original” sweater was extra small (I know, eeks) with double strands of single ply fingering weight (or that’s my closest estimation). So, I decided to separate the strands of yarn, hoping to get more yardage out of it, and now I’m knitting it by using size 3 needle.

IMG_2844  IMG_2845

Actually those pictures were taken early in July. The sweater is further along since. I have finally joined the bandwagon of multiple WIP’s and now I have this sweater as my “background distraction”. I’ve been only working on in between projects and/or when I’m bored and tired of other things. We’ll see how long it actually takes.

Moving on….

Something finished! I made Hemlock Ring Blanket for Flo for Christmas.


I used Cascade 220 Superwash, double stranded, on size 10 needles. I basically ran out of yarn after 6 skeins midst of binding off, so I had to buy another skein to finish. If it wasn’t for yarn shortage, it would’ve taken about a week but it took more like 2. Regardless, it was definite instant gratification. I do plan on making another one for Grandma W. In fact, I have yarn for that all ready to go as well. One thing I have to complain though.. is I hate blocking. I did half-assed blocking, just so I can store it away for now. I plan on trying to really block it well before Christmas, before I start wrapping gifts. … perhaps that’s why I don’t knit much lace. I like knitting lace – just can’t bring myself to the tedious work of blocking.

Last but not the least, I started on Liesl about a couple of days ago. I’m using Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran that Jen gracious sent me a while ago. It’s a pretty quick knit so far, though my concern is the fit. I’m kinda in between sizes, so I’m making a size up, counting on the fact that I’m a tight knitter. In theory, it should work (yeah, I checked my gauge, it’s slightly tighter than suggested), but at the same time, with cotton/silk blend, I wonder how the weight is going to effect the stretchiness. I suppose we’ll see once it’s all finished.


Done and done. For now anyway.