Shopping day

December 19, 2006

Oh how much I dislike Christmas shopping.

Way too many people, no patience, pushy and needy.

We somehow managed to get some shopping done. Really, all done but for Chris’s dad and grandfather – seems like they’re always most challenging ones. Not that we got any great gifts for anyone, but alas, it’s (mostly) done.

I like gift wrapping. Shopping just isn’t my thing.

(actually, I should also include the fact that I don’t really have anything for Chris… yet)

On the contrary, I did find something good today. I made a trip over to the new lys in Urbana, got two hanks of this gorgeous yarn. Hopefully I have time to make a hat for Chris’s dad before we have to leave town for Christmas.


It’s Melange by Blue Sky Alpaca in color #803. Chris even “helped” me pick out the color.

Thing of a beauty, don’t you think?

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  1. That yarn is sooo gorgeous!

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