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November 17, 2010

I know I’m a very focused and determined person. Yes, I get work done, even with distractions.

How do I know? Well, here’s is an example.


I have a cat on my lap, as always. In fact, she’s been clingier than usual now that the weather has cooled down considerably. I cannot possibly sit front of the desk without having her glued to my lap, or worse, she’d sit on the keyboard or mousepad. Or, her little kittybutt would be on my wrist as I’m trying to maneuver the mouse.. and I have “work” to do.

Knitting, also is another fun activity. She loves yarn. She loves it even more when it moves (aka, the little cast on tail hanging from the WIP). She wants to play with it or chew on it. She insists it’s her “play” time – funny because when I intend on playing with her with “her” string (oppose to the yarn I’m working with), all she does is just sit and stare.

Basically, I semi-permanently have a cat glued to my lap – a cute, furry, purry one. She’s so lucky she’s so little and cute, I probably won’t put up with her shit if she wasn’t. Hah! Though it’s just a speculation, it’s possible she probably could get away with murder.

Oh the sweet life that is living with a cat. So, what else is new?

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