Sock knitting bag, maybe?

August 12, 2007

I’m actually breaking the habit of one (ok, sometimes two) post per month, and decide to make another post for August! How exciting! Honestly, I usually only work one project at a time, so I don’t have whole lot of WIP discussion or whatnot. I start it, and I finish it. Not much there to talk about really. Eh. Anyhow – here’s my accomplishment of yesterday evening.

It’s a zip up pouch, just big enough to carry a small knitting project, like a pair of socks. Or, any other junk I suppose. It’s a plain bag with zipper pull on top. I suppose one can fill it up with make-up, candies, or something something, bah, who cares. But at the end, it was my original intention to make it in sock-knitting friendly size, so there it goes. And here goes the lining:

IMG_2089 IMG_2090
So, that’s my creation for Saturday.

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  1. miko

    rocking sock bag girl… i worship at your crafty altar. 😉 when do i get mine? :p

  2. Too effing cute. I love the co-ordinating yarn and pouch combo.

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