Socks, a puppy, and a box of chocolate

February 12, 2008

I’m extremely happy to say that I no longer have 3-digit number fever.

Since my birthday, it wasn’t the best situations for me to get by. The weather got really bad, we went through winter storm warning, then Chris got sick. Then I got sick. But finally, I’m glad to say that both Chris and I are feeling much much better. No more above 100 degree fever.

Anyhow, as for knitting, the only thing I’m working on is a sample/test knitting pair of socks for Ariel‘s super secret valentine’s day project. I kinda got a late start on it – at first, waiting for yarn to arrive, then because I got sock. But as always, better late than never.

As for something silly, I got a puppy for birthday.


Yeah, so it’s not a real doggy, but well, it’s funny. Courtesy of Chris’s sister. Thank you Katie. It walks and it barks.

And as for something sweet, when I got home from work yesterday, Chris was waiting for me with a box of chocolate from Ruben’s, for no reason what so ever.


I know. What a sweetheart.

(.. that concludes this semi pointless post)

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