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May 22, 2013

Chris came home from work a bit earlier than expected and said “Yep, my girlfriend is special, she baked in this eighty some degree weather.”

Yeah, so it’s true. I am that special.

At least the plan was to finish up baking before Chris came home so he doesn’t have to walk into a hot apartment. Too late.

I made some mexican wedding cookies (or russian tea cake or whatever else people call them) and some lemon glazed cookies. I woke up late, didn’t really have much to do so I thought oh I’ll bake. I didn’t exactly calculate in the fact that baking equals turning on the oven equals hot apartment. Go figures. Well, at least baking is more productive than, say, turn on the TV and dwell on CNN all day (I did that yesterday for few hours, that was pretty depressing).

So I present you, fruits of early summer baking.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Lemon Glazed Cookies

And tomorrow is (or looking at time, today) the last day of my first semester in, oh, over a decade. Yay!