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Hooking away

May 20, 2010

So I’m not sure what has possessed me but I have decided to make granny squares.

Yes, crochet.

Yes, I (still) don’t know how to “properly” crochet. But quite frankly, I don’t really care. I know I know, all the “how to crochet” instructions and illustrations and what-have-you’s all say that you’re supposed to hold the working yarn with your left hand, and here I am, holding my yarn with my right hand (and yes, I also hold the hook on the right hand too). I know you’re supposed to “pick” the yarn with your hook (in my head, I compare this to continental knitting style), but holding the working yarn with my left hand is absolutely insanely impossible concept to me (as in, I tried for 2 seconds before giving up). So well.. yes, I hold my working yarn with my right hand, just like how I knit. Inefficient? Probably, but well.. whatever, it sort of works (for now).


They’re just out of my mystery batch of acrylics that I really don’t ever use (mainly due to the colors). Yes, I fear purple (which may come as a surprise, but I really do, generally dislike purple – though it’s really case by case). Come to think about it, I do have awful a lot of acrylics – I mean like bits here and parts there. A skein of this, a skein of that, then mountains of partials.

Anyways, so yes, I’ve been crocheting.

(On a random note: “crocheting” is a such a strange word to spell and/or to pronounce. I wanted to spell it crochetting, with two t’s but the spell checker was putting red underline, but went away when I retyped it with only one t. And as for pronunciation, I kinda want to say cro-chetting, except I guess I should say cro-shaying. Funny stuff.)