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Gazpacho in room temperature

August 10, 2010

… and it comes in a mowl*.


* One may ask, “wtf is a mowl?” – it means mug + bowl. I thought it sounded better than the other way (b + ug).

I would be a liar if I said I love these socks. But honestly, doesn’t really matter – they’re socks. They go on my feet. That itself makes me happy. (That and we all know I just prefer solid color yarns. Well, you may not know, but I do)

And this is what they look like “on feet”.


For your useless information, yarn used was Soft Sock Yarn by Sunshine Yarn, in “Fresh” colorway. They were hand-me-downs from Ariel because she’s super awesome and she sends me yarns. Hah! I do believe this particular yarn base is no longer available from Sunshine Yarns. Oh and needles – used US 1 (2.25mm) Addi Lace – I love the fact that they now make 2.25mm needles, even though my go-to sock needles are still 2.5mm (US 1.5).

Gazpacho Soup and Envious Bamboo

August 2, 2010

So, I decided to be a joiner and signed myself away for a knitalong/read-along: for Karira socks by Shannon Okey and the book is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The official start date was yesterday (August 1), so I did manage to start the socks last night, by which I mean in frantic, I wound the yarn and started on the cuff ribbing few moments shy of midnight.


The yarn I’m using is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Envy. Obviously not much progress as of yet, but I just really wanted to cast it on with everyone else in the KAL but didn’t work on it too much because I would like to finish up the gazpacho sock first before I really dive into Karira full force. Speaking of which, I did manage to finish the first Gazpacho sock and just finished casting on the cuff on the second one (and then some).


And back to the subject of KAL/RAL: so the socks have begun, but as per the book, I haven’t even gotten it yet. I’m thinking (and hoping) maybe Ariel would let me borrow it after when she’s done reading. By “hoping/thinking” I meant, I demand that she let me have her book. You hear that Ariel? GIMME YOUR BOOK!


Oh but I did watch the movie. It was on netflix, so I watched it, as a matter of fact, it was during the “Great Flood of Milwaukee 2010“. I watched the movie (which by the way was really really long, and I didn’t even realize it at first) while waiting for Chris to come home from work. He finally came home past 9 o’clock – took him over 3 and half hours when it’s only normally like 30 minute commute. That.. was not fun. At all.

It’s probably not the smartest idea to watch the movie before reading the book, since, I’ll be picturing the scenes from the movie instead of drawing my own conclusions and such (because “visual” cues are extremely overpowering), but eh. I’ll get over it.

War of the vegetables

July 28, 2010

So a couple of days ago, I decided to finally use the crazy bright variegated sock yarn that Ariel sent me a while ago.

And she and I had a discussion on how to describe the color. She said it’s like vegetable soup. I said, yeah except it’s like cold soup – like gazpacho. And we agreed if this yarn really was a soup, it should be served in one of those bowls that’s essentially just a big mug. Like a cappuccino, maybe some sort of froth or dollop or cream?


If you actually see the yarn in person, each color is extremely vibrant and very pretty. It’s just that… all of them “together”, I’m not so hot about, personally. Too many colors, fighting. But hey as long as it can be knit up, and end up on my feet, I’m all good.