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Liesl, among other things

August 19, 2008

First on the agenda: Liesl is finished. I actually finished knitting about 2 weeks ago, and finally got buttons on about a week ago. And I’m finally posting the pictures now! I know, I’m so up-to-date!!


Yarn used is Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran (the yarn is currently discontinued, the link is to its Ravelry page) – used 9 skeins. I used 7 mm needles (I suppose that’s equivalent to 10.75 in US size), and followed the instruction for 38 inch chest size. Because of my tight knitting, I figured, if I make one that should “technically” be larger than my size, it should accommodate accordingly – and it made sense with my swatch. In fact, according to my swatch, it should be even pretty small on me. However, I suppose gravity wins. After I attempted to “block” the finished garment, it really stretched, became way too long and bit too large. So I threw the idea of blocking it out the window. Instead, I just threw it in washer and machine dried it (not 100% but until it was pretty dry), and then it fit much better. So yeah, now I have to machine dry it for the most part, otherwise, it will be too big.

I really enjoyed the fact that it was a quick knit, but it was almost painful to weave in ends. To start with, the yarn had very short yardage, and to make it better (or worse), couple of these skeins had knots in the middle of skeins. Yeah, not so fun. But overall, yarn did create very “comfortable” fabric against the skin. That surely counts. And my huge huge huge thank you to Jen for the yarn. I’ll think about you every time I wear the cardi!

Oh and my works in progress: Told you I have joined multiple WIP trend 😉

IMG_2918  IMG_2888

On the left, is my recycled sweater in the works… on size 3 needles. On the right, is twin sock with Ariel. As a matter of fact, in less than a week from today, she’ll be visiting me! Hooray!

Oh and I have decided, I want a dslr. Okay, so I’ve wanted a dslr for a long long time, but now I really want one (not that it changes the fact that I can’t quite afford one anytime soon). Though, for the purpose of “note to self”, the ones I’m considering are: Canon EOS 1000D (aka Digital Rebel XS), Canon EOS 400D (aka Digital Rebel XTi), and Nikon D60. Last night, I followed around my friend Dave while he was taking some pictures with his brand new Canon EOS 450D (Digital Rebel XSi) and made me to realize I want one even more! Anyway, that’s enough daydreaming for now. I guess it’s time for real dreams. Like, goodnight.

So, goodnight.