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I’ve been a busy girl…

March 25, 2009

Warning: this is probably a pretty picture-heavy post.

Don’t you love it when a blog post starts with a warning? (Though, personally I don’t really care)

Let’s start with stuff I finished “recently” – by which I meant in March… so far anyway.

IMG_3105  IMG_0299


From top left:
Robot mittens are finally finished. It took me next to forever to finally finished duplicate stitching the second robot. I really should mail them out to Carol now that they’re finished and now that it’s getting warmer and warmer.
And.. yet another pair of Embossed Leaves socks – except, this time, they’re for me! Used Louet Gems fingering in Pewter, with 2.5mm needles. And of course, toes and heel flaps are done my way, you know, whatever I feel like.
Burgundy Monkey socks for Sue – used Fortissima Socka, 2.5mm needles, again, heels and toes are done “whatever I want” way.

Speaking of Sue, she was first knitter/friend I met in Milwaukee, and only after about 2 months of knowing her, she’s moving. ๐Ÿ™ These were “farewell” socks for her. I got to see her one last time before she was leaving – in fact, she invited me to her house and let me go through quite a bit of her stash. Now I have a lot more yarn than I know what to do with:


Most of them are really neat vintage yarn. I really don’t think I’m going to bother myself trying to upload them individually to Ravelry stash page (maybe I would do that for more “current” yarn that already exist in their yarn data base). Seriously, I’m like the biggest yarn mooch in the world. My stash mostly consists of “other people’s generosity” – crazy! Thank you everyone who ever sent me yarn! Without you, I wouldn’t have anything to knit with ๐Ÿ™‚

… so it’s true – I never turn down free yarn.

And here are my current works-in-progress. Yes, I said “plural” – I’ve joined the gang of multiple WIP’s.

IMG_3119  IMG_3109

On the left, is Twisted Flower twin socks (with Ariel, of course. On the right, is a pair of socks for Ana – she knows what it is, she knows which yarn I’m using. But I have decided to hide the actual pictures until she receives the socks. I don’t know if she reads my blog, but “just in case”. Even though I already told her which pattern & yarn I’m using, I think it’s still a bit of surprise once you actually see the actual sock (or so I’m hoping).

Even though I’m not sure how much knitting I can get done for the rest of the week this week, I’m hoping to get both of these finished by the end of March. I have a feeling there won’t be much “show & tell” kind of knitting in April – I have decided it will be (my personal) designing/pattern writing month.

… and now, it’s time for me to start picking up the apartment before my motivation runs out.

So, well…

March 19, 2009

So, well… once upon a time. No, “earlier toay” I was going downstairs to take a bag of trash out, and figured, oh I might as well check the mail.

Ok, actually, let’s start with a background story. So, I have this crazy friend named Ariel. Some of you may know her as the “sock princess”, some of you may not. So, anyway, few nights ago, after hours of skyping, we decided to swap out some yarn – I was going to send her SWTC Phoenix (which mean for a Coachella), and she was going to send me her Debbie Bliss Cathay (enough for a Picovoli). And even though I (not knowing where exactly the post office is around here) haven’t sent the yarn out to her, she promptly sent me hers – and I received it on Monday.

Fast forward another day or two, we have been working on organizing her yarn. And as we were doing it, she said she was going to destash some yarn to me, as well as some paperback book. So I said, sure.

And today, I got more yarn from her. Insano!

This is all the stuff sent me within like a week period:


Yes, she’s crazy.

You know, the original plan for today was to post some socks in progress (it’s crazy – I’ve been having multiple WIP’s at once!) and some other stuff I’ve finished recently, but you know what, that will be for another day.

And now I get to read Harry Potter (the first book), thanks to Ariel. Now, where’s my big pointy hat and magic wands? (… though funny thing is, Chris has already read every single one in the series just this past summer.. and I was pretty set on not reading them. But apparently, Ariel is a lot more persuasive.)

Oh and.. hey, look! Something chocolatey!


Anyway, now I’m running into a problem where…. I have a very desperate need for more (sock sized) needles. Now I really start to miss the idea of living right by a yarn store where I can just walk over there whenever I need to – I guess I kinda took that for granted. Poo.

Ok, time for me to go wake my child.. er, boyfriend up from his wee nappy nap so we can go grocery shopping.

The end.

Catching up

July 31, 2008

It’s been a while.

I know it’s been a while when Chris (who by the way never shows any interests in this blogging business) would come up to me and ask how come I don’t blog anymore. So here goes…

A friend of mine went on a business trip to Germany in late June. He asked me if I wanted any souvenir type things, I said yarn. Half-jokingly of course. And to my surprise, he returned with this big bag of yarn. According to him, the yarn store was next to Beethoven’s home. Fancy stuff.


Some are single ply yarn for felting, some are superwash wool. Not quite enough for any major projects. And I have no idea quite what to do with them yet. With superwash stuff, maybe I’ll get some more superwash worsted weights and make a stripey sweater. According to him, some lady at the yarn store told him that about 5 balls would make a sweater… and they were about 110 yards per ball (hmm… yeah… no). But anyway, that was quite unexpected surprise (as I said, I was kinda kidding when I asked him).

Next in business, a pullover I’ve been working on and off since beginning of July. I bought this bright red tweedy cabled sweater sometime in winter from a thrift store. Unfortunately, I never took the “before” picture before I took it apart. I never quite got around unraveling them all the way. I disassembled it to pieces and put it away for a long time. And I finally got around taking it apart completely and started on top down raglan henley. The “original” sweater was extra small (I know, eeks) with double strands of single ply fingering weight (or that’s my closest estimation). So, I decided to separate the strands of yarn, hoping to get more yardage out of it, and now I’m knitting it by using size 3 needle.

IMG_2844  IMG_2845

Actually those pictures were taken early in July. The sweater is further along since. I have finally joined the bandwagon of multiple WIP’s and now I have this sweater as my “background distraction”. I’ve been only working on in between projects and/or when I’m bored and tired of other things. We’ll see how long it actually takes.

Moving on….

Something finished! I made Hemlock Ring Blanket for Flo for Christmas.


I used Cascade 220 Superwash, double stranded, on size 10 needles. I basically ran out of yarn after 6 skeins midst of binding off, so I had to buy another skein to finish. If it wasn’t for yarn shortage, it would’ve taken about a week but it took more like 2. Regardless, it was definite instant gratification. I do plan on making another one for Grandma W. In fact, I have yarn for that all ready to go as well. One thing I have to complain though.. is I hate blocking. I did half-assed blocking, just so I can store it away for now. I plan on trying to really block it well before Christmas, before I start wrapping gifts. … perhaps that’s why I don’t knit much lace. I like knitting lace – just can’t bring myself to the tedious work of blocking.

Last but not the least, I started on Liesl about a couple of days ago. I’m using Debbie Bliss Cotton Silk Aran that Jen gracious sent me a while ago. It’s a pretty quick knit so far, though my concern is the fit. I’m kinda in between sizes, so I’m making a size up, counting on the fact that I’m a tight knitter. In theory, it should work (yeah, I checked my gauge, it’s slightly tighter than suggested), but at the same time, with cotton/silk blend, I wonder how the weight is going to effect the stretchiness. I suppose we’ll see once it’s all finished.


Done and done. For now anyway.

This one may be a long one.

March 26, 2008

I may have been procrastinating but not terribly lost. I’ve been actually working on few things here and there, just not too much to talk about, hence the silence.

In reference to previous post, about my possible plot for world domination: sample socks are finished, and I’m finally getting myself around trying to write out the pattern and finalizing the chart so they seem somewhat coherent. The original goal was to have the pattern ready by end of March, but we’ll see. And look, sneak preview!

sockie  sockie  sockie

The name is still undecided, but the better pictures and pattern (and the name of course) are coming soon-ish.

And now for my other in-progress projects.

IMG_2544  IMG_2543

Waving Lace socks are still in progress. I only happen to have one set of needles in size 1.5 (2.5mm) and I had to “borrow” it for the yet-to-be-named sample socks. So sadly, it had to be in back burner until those were done. And now that I started it back up, I’m hoping to get it done by end of the month.

And I just cast on for Lucy in the Sky last night, and got few rows done before bed. I really meant to have it started earlier but.. well, here it goes now. I think if I hurry enough I should be able to wear it at least once or so before it gets too warm outside. My first attempt at swatching was in fact last week sometime – started with size 6 (4mm) as recommended. And it turned out painfully too tight. Yes, I knit tight. I was about half a stitch over for every inch! That’s quite a difference! So I had to make a quick run over to the yarn store and had to buy size 7 (4.5mm) needles. I’m still about a bit less half a stitch over every 2 inches, but that’s a lot more forgivable. At least I can “rely” on stitches being relaxed, plus, with my lack of boobs I think it will fit just fine. I think if I were to go up another needle size, say size 8 (5mm) I probably would’ve been right on gauge, but the fabric would’ve been too loose and would probably stretch more and probably will become less than desirable fitting – or at least that’s my excuse anyway.

And… now for the yarny news.

First, I would like to thank Ariel for all these insane amount of sock yarn!


With those, now we will (eventually) have 8 pairs of twin socks. Insane! I know, we really have to get them cranking now.

And last week, I received lovely hand dyed yarn from Sanguine Gryphon. I got these with an intention of making a sweater for Chris’s mom for this upcoming Christmas.

IMG_2542  IMG_2540

Ok, I think that pretty much sums up everything that happened throughout March. There isn’t much plan for this weekend other than trying to work on Lucy cardi, and maybe finishing up the socks. It will be kinda lonely this week – Chris will be in Memphis this weekend, leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. I’ll have to survive without him and my laptop for few days. I’d say, well, I’ll miss the laptop but I have couple other computers to go to, I just have to “relocate” myself over to the computer room… but I don’t think I can find a temporary substitute for Chris. Now, who else am I going to have to annoy and bug?

… bah.

Still Rusted Root-ing and stuff

November 17, 2007

I thought I’d share my work in progress in Rusted Root.

I went through 2 skeins so far, and just moved on 3rd skein.


I took loads of in-progress pictures too, in case anyone’s interested.

I think I can totally finish this this weekend and get it washed/blocked. Yeah, I’ve been knitting like a fiend.

And… for something exciting, I got some yarn. I went to Michael’s yesterday, hoping to get some yarn for a throw/blanket for Chris’s uncle for Christmas (yes I know, I’m nuts) but really not much luck. They were pretty much wiped out of few things that I really liked, pricewise and colorwise. Though I think I may have found a contender – I’m very much leaning toward Vanna’s Choice in Taupe (yeah, Vanna White!). My original plan was to do Totally Autumn from Knitty, but I scrapped the idea and decided to go for simple cable throw, close to the style of this Ralph Lauren cable blanket. If I had more time I’d love to do it in finer gauge, but to compensate for my insane last-minute frenzy, it will be knitted in bigger gauge (in relative term), and probably instead of reverse stockinette, it will be garter in between the stockinette and cable columns. I don’t know why I talk myself into doing all these insane last minute thing, but I guess that’s my style. At this point, I’m still pretty indecisive on this, so we’ll see if I’ll actually get to it or not (and whether I finish).

Anyway, so I didn’t have much luck with afghan yarn shopping, but I did get couple skeins of yarn. I got a skein of Patons SWS just to try it out (probably gonna end up being a hat), and a skein of Blue Sky Cotton from yarn store in Urbana – that was Chris’s pick, he really liked the yarn (and its color) so I thought I’d make a hat out of that for him (ok, I take it back, he passive-aggressively talked about how I never made him a hat and maybe I should make him one now – which is actually not true, but whatever). I was just tickled that he actually said he liked yarn. ๐Ÿ˜€ …. oh and I got my order from The Loopy Ewe.

IMG_2319  IMG_2325

From The Loopy Ewe, I got some Louet Gems Fingering, J-Knits Superwash-Me, and Dreams In Color Smooshy yarn. And I must give big hugs, kisses, and thanks to Jen for gift certificate and for convincing me that I need more fun sock yarn ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, time for me to go and pass out…

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