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Hello and goodbye

February 26, 2007

My newest yarn acquisition: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in Bittersweet. I found a bargain, I was tempted, and I gave in. But look at how pretty it is, and tell me that you can say no to it:



This poor needle, on the other hand, I’m sending it away for replacement. Goodbye little guy.Speaking of Addi needles, I’m also getting myself a Addi Lace needles. I don’t know exactly when, but I’ve just ordered it online and it should be here as soon as the store gets the shipment, which is presumably within this week. How sweet is that?! According to the description (or at least what I’m hoping), it’s duller point than Knitpicks (thank goodness because they’re painfully sharp – I mean, really) but more flexible cable than the typical Addi. I can’t wait!

Shopping day

December 19, 2006

Oh how much I dislike Christmas shopping.

Way too many people, no patience, pushy and needy.

We somehow managed to get some shopping done. Really, all done but for Chris’s dad and grandfather – seems like they’re always most challenging ones. Not that we got any great gifts for anyone, but alas, it’s (mostly) done.

I like gift wrapping. Shopping just isn’t my thing.

(actually, I should also include the fact that I don’t really have anything for Chris… yet)

On the contrary, I did find something good today. I made a trip over to the new lys in Urbana, got two hanks of this gorgeous yarn. Hopefully I have time to make a hat for Chris’s dad before we have to leave town for Christmas.


It’s Melange by Blue Sky Alpaca in color #803. Chris even “helped” me pick out the color.

Thing of a beauty, don’t you think?

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