This is taking longer than it really should

April 27, 2010

One sleeve down, one more to go (and collar). Hooray for progress. But not so much for “slow” one…


I have spent more time doing other random things than actually knitting. That, and during that little time I spent working on this pullover, I spent quite a bit of time ripping out bits and parts of the sleeve and having to redo. At first, I wanted to re pick up the stitches from armhole. Then there was issue with decreasing not fast enough (like I mentioned in the previous post), then for the very last time, I had to unravel almost to armpit because I forgot ONE decrease almost in the very beginning (sure I could’ve ignored it and made one more decrease at the end, but no that wouldn’t be right).

Alas, as of last night, one sleeve is bound off. D-O-N-E.

And the second sleeve, should be a breeze (in theory) as long as I don’t make stupid mistake, like forgetting a decrease toward the beginning of the sleeve and not realizing until like 3 inches before binding off.

Anyways, should go get ready for knitting group tonight. Plus, Chris should be home soon and will be demanding his computer back 😉

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