Where have you been?

April 2, 2013

It’s been oh, a couple of years then some month since the last post, or so it seems. It surely feels like time just flew by.

I had a job, worked my (figuratively speaking) little butt off for 2 years. I mean, I worked and worked and worked and then I left. And as of January this year, hello community college.

And no. I have not been knitting, and yes, I hope to start it back up.

Cocoa is still a happy kitty, it’s been almost four years since we adopted her, or she adopted us – same difference. She still likes to cuddle, she still doesn’t understand “stranger danger”, and she still doesn’t like massive kiss-attack from mommy (but she tolerates it). Cocoa says “what’s up?” or rather, “what?”


And I’ve been baking. Yes, I have a stand mixer now. A hot pink one.

That’s it for now. Run along now children.

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