Why I’m crying like a little child, figuratively speaking

July 16, 2009

Seemingly I seem to have some noticeable progress on those sunshine yellow Polly Jean socks, however, not quite the case. Since the last post, I decided the sock was just tad bit too tight, so I left it as it was before (I was basically a row or two before moving onto the heel flap) and cast on for the second sock. I’m not even sure what it was that made it too tight. I know I’m a pretty tight knitter generally (for pete’s sakes, the patterns were written with my tight gauge in mind), but this was just a bit off. Ok, way off. I know it’s been a bit humid in the apartment, and that kinda tends to make Addi Lace needles pretty sticky (even more so than usual) and I must have been pulling on the yarn even harder than usual because of that. Or maybe I’m all just making this up. Who knows.

IMG_0780  IMG_0781

You see how little difference in terms of size there are between the first and second sock? But well, that’s just “enough” increase in size. Crazy. I basically worked on the “second” sock with Addi Turbo instead of Lace.. and strangely enough it made it work. So basically I’ll have to start over the “first” one… after this one. Bleh.

Let see what else I have been up to… Oh I probably have never mentioned that I semi got into couponing as of oh, maybe couple of months ago. All thanks to Helen. I’m not at all a big time coupon person though, no I don’t go in and spend $5 and walk out with $100 worth of groceries. I call it a super success if I can save maybe $10 off my grocery bill with coupons… since our typical grocery bill goes anywhere from $50-100.. for just two of us (ok, three, if you count the cat). Why so high all the time? Well, I suspect it may be because of the fact that we drink particular type of pop (ok, Mt Dew Code Red) regardless of whether it’s on sale or not. And we also buy quite handful of general merchandise too (you know, laundry detergent and whatnot).. so anyways… Yes, I’m a newbie/small league. Whatever. Moving on..

And for the fun news (I tried to be sarcastic but I don’t think it quite works out with typing..), I’m in pain.

I mean literally in pain.

I have issue with one of my tooth (if I know how to count my teeth, it’s one of my wisdom tooth – I think it’s what’s called fully impact? I have no idea) and I’ve had pretty bad toothache for past few days. In fact, right now, my cheek kinda feels numb, except I know it’s not numb because I feel the pain and pressure. BAH.

Why am I writing this instead of doing something about it? Well, I am doing something about it right now, by trying to keep myself occupied. Not that it doesn’t hurt when I pay attention to something else, but it seems to “ease” it a bit. So yeah. I’ve been trying to “forget” and “ignore” the pain by doing other things, like .. sleeping. Which I’ve done a lot lately. I mean a LOT. And my poor little Cocoa Butt has been by my side the whole time. Poor kitty has done nothing but laying next to me and cuddle up with me.. no “fun” things for her, like playing string, because I have been too .. whatever.. to play with her. Poor thing. Also, not that I’m that much of “Betty the Homemaker” but I’ve pretty much given up on house-chores too. The place looks like a pigsty. My apartment looks like a mess. I feel like a mess. I tried to read lately too. My fine choice of literature? Harry Potter. I’ve let go of my dignity and caved in – and started to read that first book (I’ve only gotten like maybe 1/3rd of the book so far… What can I say, I’m not much of a “reader” by nature)

… and I’m still in pain.

I’ve become a little whiney baby lately. Can’t help it.

.. I give up. I’m going to call a dentist from https://www.delaneyparkdental.com/cosmetic-dentistry-anchorage/ or to some of clinics like Alaska Dental Resources tomorrow and set up an appointment.

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  1. Yeeeah. That bad boy isn’t going to get better on its own. I feel your pain – I mean, I have been there, literally. Your tooth is trying to break through the gums and there’s nowhere for it to go. 🙁 (That’s what impacted means)

    On the bright (yellow) side, I’m glad you were able to come up with a solution for your cute sock.

    Feel better!!

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